The Design Contest for 2019 just became easier and a whole lot cheaper.
                       Summary of Changes

 1. Contest will be administered by the PR Committee, overseen by Board of Directors.

 2.Contest will be held at the annual meeting, from start to finish.

 3.Contestants will need to submit entry by dinner the second day of event.

 4.Contest will be free for 2019.

 5.Simplify documentation:
-Entry form information which will be taken out before  judging
-Second page will be a description of job, materials, costs, etc.
-A minimum of one photo needed but two formats: print and digital (thumb drive or CD). More photos welcome but not necessary. However, more snapshots the better.

 6.Category submission stays in the category the mason selects and cannot be changed.

 7.Judging will be done by a minimum of 4 judges at the annual meeting. Certified heater builders judges if possible.

 8.All photo submissions become property of MHA public relations committee to be used as needed by MHA.

 9.MHA will publish the winners with photos on the MHA  website’s Design Contest Page and social media.

10.All entries will be made available to annual meeting attendees for viewing as soon as possible during the meeting.

Winners need not be in attendance but if not, shipping will be the responsibility of the winner.
MHA Trophy
Below is a link to the rules and entry forms. They are similar to last year's but it is free and requires less photos.

Register Early for the annual meeting. Within one hour, registrations started coming in to office. Remember, registrations are on a first come -first serve.