August 11, 2019
Responding to Tragedy
Mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio about one week ago put physicians, nurses and other health care workers once again on the front lines of tragedy.

We grieve for the victims and admire the resolve of these first responders to act quickly and skillfully to care for the injured and help their communities heal.
It is in the wake of these tragedies that U.S. Senator Ben Cardin, of Maryland, called gun violence a “ national public health crisis .” Like other public health crises, injury and death from firearms are preventable.

Unfortunately, hospitals have direct experience with the devastation brought on by gun violence. As care providers you are working diligently to curb aggression – on your own premises and in the communities you serve. You provide crisis intervention, trauma education, counseling, and other support systems. You have early identification, escalation processes and programs to aid employees affected by trauma. And, you train for mass casualty events in your emergency preparedness work.

But we know there is more to do. Let’s commit to partner with our public officials and other leaders to address violence as a public health matter – to keep our communities safe and to advance the health of all Marylanders.
Bob Atlas
President & CEO
HSCRC Outlines New Initiative to Encourage Care Transformation Initiative
At its July 31 Total Cost of Care Work Group meeting, Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC) staff outlined the Medicare Performance Adjustment Reconciliation Component (MPA-RC) that can be used to increase Medicare payments for demonstrated savings from individual hospital Care Transformation Initiatives (CTIs). Savings from CTIs would be offset across all hospitals to maintain net savings and incentivize participation. The Maryland Hospital Association (MHA) will summarize this approach at the August 15 Technical Work Group meeting, and HSCRC staff will present more details on measuring CTI savings at an August 20 meeting. Please direct questions or comments to MHA Senior Vice President, Brett McCone .
August HSCRC Meeting Canceled
The Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC) will not meet August 14. The next HSCRC meeting is scheduled for September 11.
Maryland Seeks Surprise Billing Amendment
In support of MHA’s guidance and advocacy, the Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC) sent a letter to Maryland’s federal delegation Tuesday asking lawmakers to request an amendment to ensure that legislation on surprise billing does not have a negative effect on the state’s all-payer system or the Total Cost of Care Model. The amendment would make clear that Maryland is exempt from certain requirements under the bill. MHA will continue to work with HSCRC, the governor’s staff and our congressional delegation to secure these protections.
Deadline This Week To Complete Governance Surveys
All hospitals and health systems are urged to complete a survey related to governance practices that the Maryland Hospital Association (MHA) released last month. The surveys, sent to CEOs, are due Friday. Full participation in the survey by all hospitals and health systems is a key part of MHA’s efforts to demonstrate that your organizations adhere to the highest standards of board governance, including guarding against conflicts of interest. For questions, contact Pat Ross .
MHA Medical Liability Work Group Discusses Medical Liability Climate, Legislative Proposals
MHA’s Medical Liability Work Group met August 6 to discuss the current liability climate, including recent awards that could threaten access to OB services. The work group continued its focus on potential medical liability policy solutions that the Maryland Hospital Association (MHA) and/or hospitals plan to introduce in the 2020 legislative session. The work group’s recommendations on specific policy solutions will be brought before the Legislative Strategy Group and the Council on Legislative and Regulatory Policy for further consideration in the coming months.
MHA Contact: Neal Karkhanis , Director, Government Affairs
MHA Attends NCSL
This week, your Maryland Hospital Association (MHA) attended the 2019 National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) Legislative Summit in Nashville, Tenn. Several Maryland legislative leaders, delegates, senators, and staff participated and the Maryland Government Relations Association (MGRA) hosted a Maryland State Night that featured networking and idea sharing regarding key takeaways from the conference. Next year’s summer legislative summit will be held in Indianapolis, Ind.

MHA Contact: Brian Frazee, Vice President, Government Affairs
Financial Aid Applications Available for Nursing Fellowships
The American Organization for Nursing Leadership Foundation for Nursing Leadership Research and Education is offering financial aid for a nurse manager or nurse director from a small, rural, or critical access health care organization to participate in the 2020 AONL Nurse Manager or Nurse Director Fellowship programs. Applications are due August 19. For more information, please contact Dani Ward .
Registration Open for MHEI Healthcare Leadership Conference
R egistration is open for the Maryland Healthcare Education Institute’s Healthcare Leadership Conference. The conference, October 18 in Ellicott City, features Christine Porath, PhD, associate professor of the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University. She will present on how incivility is toxic in the workplace and how leaders can enhance their influence and develop a respectful, thriving work environment. The conference is the region’s top opportunity to network and build partnerships with leaders at all levels from a wide variety of healthcare organizations. Read the conference brochure for a full lineup of speakers.
Board of Physicians Final Regulation Approval Outlines Scope of Practice for Telehealth
A regulation that takes effect August 12 will allow allied health professionals in Maryland to use telehealth. The final, approved regulation, which was released last week, allows physician assistants to use telehealth to deliver care. MHA continues to advocate for policies that support the expansion and use of telehealth technologies as a means to deliver critical care services across the state.
ACMA Hosts Case Management and Transitions of Care Conference
Registration is open for the American Case Management Association’s 17th Annual Case Management and Transitions of Care Conference . The event will take place September 21 in Hunt Valley. The ACMA Maryland chapter conference is an opportunity to share knowledge and learn with case management and transitions of care professionals in health care.
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