The Midwest Hardware Association has over 300 businesses using our Bankcard Processing program. We process Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express offering the fastest possible turnaround time for payment of your funds.
With so many bankcard processors constantly after your business, why do dealers choose to process their credit and debit cards through the MHA? Here are just a few reasons:
  • We understand the hardware business and the type of bankcard transactions that you accept. We price our service accordingly, thereby minimizing your costs.

  • We have a dedicated staff with over 40 years of experience in processing bankcards for stores just like yours. You will have a specific contact person servicing your account. With other processors, you will most likely end up with an unfamiliar, different person every time you call.

  • On a daily basis, your bankcard sales dollars are deposited straight into your bank account and become available for you to use, rather than being posted to your wholesaler’s billing statement as a credit towards future purchases.

  • Without ongoing PCI compliance, your processing costs and risk go up. As a participating MHA member on our bankcard service, we will assist you in validating your annual PCI compliance. Most other bankcard processors do not provide this service.

  • You can trust us. As your trade association, we owe it to you, our member, to fairly evaluate our bankcard program against competitors and honestly inform you of the best fit for your store.

  • Our agreement does not have any termination fees or minimum requirements for the length of time that you must remain on the program.
As a member-driven organization, the Midwest Hardware Association is in business to help you become as successful as possible. Our bankcard program sets itself apart from other processors by merging together the best service with the lowest possible cost.
“Bankcard has grown so much over the past years that managing it has become a very important part of my business. I trust MHA and I am comfortable. I don’t want to change to anyone else.”
Wayne Cole
Cole Hardware Hank
Grand Rapids, MN
For more information about the MHA Bankcard Processing program, please contact Mac Hardin by phone at 1-800-999-4399 or by email at [email protected].