The Speakers Bureau Program

Did you know?

One person dies from suicide every 15 minutes.
One in every 4 of us will have a mental illnes s.

So why aren't people getting the help they need?

Lack of access AND stigma. That is where we can help!

MHA of AZ's Speakers Bureau program gives you an opportunity to learn about mental illness and related issues including stigma, recovery, prevention and treatment options. We will work to match your organization with a mental health presenter who can provide knowledgeable information along with educational materials and resources.

You can schedule your presentation today by calling us at 480-982-5305 or emailing us at

If you are interested in volunteering to be a presenter, please do so by calling us at
 480-982-5305 or email us at
Together we can reduce stigma and help others understand mental health!

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