MHAAA: July 2018 Newsletter
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We owe a big thank you to everyone who helped to make our 2018 Spring Art Tour a success; artists, visitors, and sponsors! We hope to see you again next year on the last day of May and first two days in June 2019 (May 31, June 1, June 2).
Mikel Kelley, photo by Callie Godiska

Article by Brian E. Clark, July 6, 2018
Photo of Mikel Kelley by Callie Godiska.

Mount Horeb, 15 miles southwest of Madison, is perhaps best known for being the self-proclaimed Troll Capital of the World. It’s also a stop on the Military Ridge State Trail and home to the burgeoning Duluth Trading Company.

Though the whimsical gnomes carved by woodworker Michael Feeney are hard to miss on Mount Horeb’s Main Street, dubbed the “Trollway,” the town and surrounding area also boast a thriving art scene with a dozen-plus sculptors, water colorists, print makers, jewelers, woodworkers, ceramists and others plying their trade. Read more...

Saturday, June 23, 2018 (following pot-luck party)
Members in attendance were: Tamlyn Akins, Nancy Bruins, Heidi Clayton, Aimee Gauger, Audrey Handler, Tom Laudin, John Martner, Sue Medaris, John Pahlas, Julie Raasch, Jane Varda, and Larry Welo.

REMINDER TO MEMBERS: Please send Julie Raasch your summer show schedules so she can share them on our social media - .

The 2019 Spring Art Tour application is now available. Some important things of which to take note:

  1. The 2019 SAT weekend includes the last day of May and first two days of June (May 31, June 1, June 2). This is happening for the first time due to switching our weekends with the Mount Horeb Frolic a few years ago. Our event was always on the 2nd weekend in June before the switch.
  2. The deadline to apply has been returned to October 31st. The "try-out" of moving it back a few weeks to mid-November last year caused complications in the Coordinator's work and holiday schedule.
  3. For the first time the Spring Art Tour will allow non-profit arts organizations from outside the tour area to participate on the tour provided that they are exhibiting at a location within the tour area. For example Little Eagle Arts Foundation (LEAF) from the Baraboo area may exhibit again at the Mount Horeb Driftless Historium and actually be part of the tour next time. Some Wisconsin Visual Artists (WVA) have also expressed an interest in participating as a group, provided they can establish a location to exhibit.
  4. It's been several years since our returning artists have submitted new resumes. In the interest of keeping our grant applications fresh and up-to-date, ALL applicants are being asked to submit resumes this year.

Feel free to spread the word and share the application!

Our MHAAA Board of Director positions have been filled for the next 2 years as follows:

  • President - Heidi Clayton
  • Vice President - Tamlyn Akins
  • Secretary - Julie Raasch (newly designated)
  • Treasurer - Rick Ross (newly designated)

Thank you all for your leadership in our organization!

Every 2 years we also create new committees. We've been very loose about our committees in the past but we'd like to firm them up. Please let Heidi ( ) or Tamlyn ( ) know if you are not willing to continue through 2020. Our committees are currently as follows:

  • Spring Art Tour Selection - Tamlyn Akins (Chair), John Pahlas, Sue Medaris, and Margie King
  • Publicity - Tamlyn Akins (Chair), and Julie Raasch
  • Fund Raising - Tamlyn Akins (Chair)
  • Exhibition - Julie Raasch (Chair), Jane Varda, Karen Watson-Newlin, and Louise Kubista
  • Scholarship - Heidi Clayton (Chair), Karen Watson-Newlin, Luci Shirek, and Vicki France
  • Membership & Sponsor Acknowledgement - Louise Kubista (Chair), Aimee Gauger
  • Spring Art Tour Signs - Vicki France (Chair), Louise Kubista, Kathy Ford, and Rick Ross

As you can see some of our members are doing yeoman's work. It would be great if other members would help lighten their load. If your name is not on any committee, please consider volunteering. Thank you all in advance, for your volunteer support of our organization! Committee Descriptions .

Looking for artists to participate in the Mount Horeb Art Walk to take place on Friday, July 20 from 5-8 pm. Contact Heidi Clayton if interested at .

Our next quarterly meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 14, 2018. Please mark your calendar. We've recently been meeting at member studios. Are you willing to share your studio space and talk a little about your work following our business meeting? If you are, please contact Tamlyn Akins ( ) or Heidi Clayton ( ).
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