MHAAA: May 2018 Newsletter
INCLUDED IN THIS NEWSLETTER: MHAAA Quarterly Meeting | 2018 Raffle Night | Spring Art Tour Signs | Press Opportunity: Mount Horeb Mail | Spring Art Tour Bulk Mail | Call for Judges: Mount Horeb Art Fair | Mount Horeb Chamber Newsletters

WHO: Open to members and the public
WHEN: Tuesday, May 8, 7-9pm
WHERE: Studio visit with photographer, Vicki France , 200 Wilson Street, Mount Horeb, WI.
  • Brief Business Meeting to cover the following: (1) Art Scholarship Report, (2) Raffle Report; funds raised and raffle winners, (3) Spring Art Tour Bulk Mailing Report, (4) Spring Art Tour Sign pickup info, (5) Elections.
  • Studio visit with Vicki France.

Our Raffle Night was a big success! The winners of our top 3 raffle prizes--Pahlas sculpture (left), $100 cash and $50 cash--will soon be notified if they haven't been already. Thank you to all our artists for their generosity bringing door prizes. And thank you to all the Chamber members and staff, friends, and families who came to mingle, dine, and buy raffle tickets. We raised a good amount of cash that will go toward our Art Scholarships and the Spring Art Tour.

We also want to give a big THANK YOU to the Grumpy Troll owners and staff for helping our event come off smoothly. And also for their generous donation of 10% of food proceeds and gift card door prizes.

Artist Signs Pick Up: May 13th, 11am-12pm (Day and time may change so watch for info in future emails.)
Location: Valley View Stor-All -- 918 S. Blue Mounds Street in Mount Horeb.
How Many Signs: Please consider carefully all intersections where people will need directions. If you are in Mount Horeb please coordinate with neighboring tour artists. Those of you in rural areas will need more signs than others. Don't be shy. Take what you need. But keep in mind there are a limited number of "straight-ahead-arrow-signs." Please use them only on long highway stretches.
Numbered Signs: Each tour location is assigned ONE numbered sign. DO NOT WRITE, GLUE OR TAPE ANYTHING onto the signs. They are expensive to replace. And you will not have the same number every year.
Return of Signs: ALL SIGNS MUST BE RETURNED AT THE END OF THE TOUR! Things happen and nobody knows this far in advance whether or not they will be on next year's tour. This also aids the committee in determining how many signs are available each year. Please don't make the Sign Committee come get them. Time for return of signs will be set at a later date.

Matt Geiger from the Mount Horeb Mail newspaper is interested in doing a continuing series in the paper highlighting local artists. He wants to feature different artists by doing brief interviews, and taking a few photos. He has reached out to Heidi Clayton to compile a list of interested parties. If anyone is interested in doing this or knows of any artists not affiliated with MHAAA that you think would be interested please call or email Heidi Clayton (608-513-1897 or ).

Our Spring Art Tour brochure bulk mailing will go into the post in early May. If you want your mailing to be included you must prepare them as instructed in the April Newsletter and deliver them to Tamlyn by May 5th so that Tamlyn can get it into the mail on Monday, May 7 ( or 608-767-1281). She will be difficult to reach from April 29 through May 3rd, so the sooner you contact her the better.

The Mount Horeb Art Fair is looking for local artists to assist in the judging of this year's Art Fair. If anyone would like to be a judge please contact Heidi Clayton (608)513-1897, . Photo courtesy of the MHACC.

Judging Responsibilities & Information includes:

  • Judges will meet in the Welcome Center upstairs conference room. 
  • Seek out art with the WOW factor. Judging forms and feedback sheets provided. 
  • At approximately 9 AM the team will split up and review all participating vendors in search of the Best of Show, Best Artist and Best Crafter.
  • Meet back at the Welcome Center to discuss as group.
  • You may go out again for further review if needed.
  • At approximately 1:30 PM - Present the awards which include ribbons and posters and monetary awards if applicable.

As a member of MHAAA, you also benefit from being a member of the Mount Horeb Area Chamber of Commerce (MHACC). To find out what events and opportunities are available you may sign up for weekly Chamber newsletters.
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