MHAAA Meeting Reminder!

WHEN:  August 13th* 
TIME:  7-9pm
WHERE:  Peggy Zalucha's home, 100 E. Gonstead St. in Mount Horeb. 
  • Introductions
  • Treasurer’s Report - Rick Ross
  • Ingleside Exhibitions Report - Kathy Ford
  • 2020 SAT Application available on website - Tamlyn will send e-mail soon.
  • Fundraising: 
  1. To Raffle or Not to Raffle: Discussion? Raffle license needs to be renewed soon if we’re doing it. $1,200 is average raised.
  2. Poster & Note Card production? Amount raised has dropped off every year. Sales not covering costs. Maybe just do cards? 
  3. Other Fundraising: Workshops? Plein Aire Event? Would need person to organize and committee to help them.
  4. New ideas? Other merchandise? Other ways to raise funds? Fund-raising Committee ideas?
  • Artist Announcements

* Tamlyn will not be able to attend. Refer all questions about location to Peggy Zalucha ( and meeting agenda to Heidi Clayton (
Mount Horeb Area Arts Association
4629 County Road JJ, Black Earth, WI 53515