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MHAC Stands in Solidarity With Our Black Communities


Supporting Black LGBTQ Youth Mental Health
Over the last several days, The Trevor Project has been supporting Black LGBTQ youth in crisis expressing a wide range of emotions over the senseless and unjust violence against Black Americans. No matter where you're located, it's possible that these current events are impacting your mental health in ways you might not realize.

Mental Health During Social Unrest: How to Stay Woke & Mentally Healthy
Things have been very heavy here recently.  Unless you live under a rock (and even then you'd probably still be aware), recent events have caused an upheaval of our emotional wellbeing.  The recent killing in Minnesota, the racially charged incident in Central Park, oh yeah, and the pandemic, just to name a few things, have caused a swirl of emotions for most people.  Anger, frustration, confusion, exhaustion, sadness, depression, and rage.  Even though many of us aren't personally connected with tragedies and situations we still feel anxious, are having trouble sleeping, and experiencing racing thoughts.  The feelings are valid, but over time, they can become overwhelming and difficult to manage.  So how do we feel the feelings without being stuck?  Let's talk about how to manage our mental health during difficult times like these and how to be in the know without becoming overwhelmed.

5 Black Mental Health Resources to Fight the Harmful Effects of Racism
"The killing of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and all of those situations add to the daily stress of African-Americans-because even if it's not happening to you, you know that it could, or to someone you care about, in a way that white Americans don't have to deal with," psychologist Beverly Tatum, PhD, former president emerita of Spelman College and race relations expert, tells Health. "Concern for your own safety is a major source of stress. Mental stress impacts physical well-being." If you are under stress or anxious, the impact on your physical health will lead to a shorter life expectancy, she adds.

Racial Trauma Is a Public Health Emergency
What You May Not Know About Black Mental Health
The recent and repeated incidents of police brutality in this country is a major public health problem and taking an arduous psychological toll on African American citizens everywhere.
There are staggering mental health consequences that form from these incidents; one namely being racial trauma. Racial trauma can result from one to innumerable experiences of racism such as workplace discrimination or hate crimes, or it can be the result of repeated occurrences, such as racial profiling and micro-aggression.


Happening Today!
5:00 p.m. Pacific Time

We originally planned to facilitate a discussion with mental health activist and writer, Leah Harris on Friday, June 5. Because of our nation's current circumstances, we are rescheduling our event with Leah to a date later this month.
Instead, MHASF will be facilitating a discussion about police brutality and racism with the hosts of our "People of Color" Support Group:
Dewonna Howard & CW Johnson
Please join us tomorrow, June 5, at 5 PM. This will be a safe space for anyone and everyone--especially our Black community members--to speak up, vent, and talk through their feelings, thoughts, and emotions surrounding the suffering and destruction taking place in our country.
For more information, email peter@mentalhealthsf.org


Saturday, October 24, 2020
12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time
Million Man Meditation 2020
Feel Free 2 Feel Free
Parkview Hospital
3865 Jackson Street
Riverside, CA 92503


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