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December 11, 2020


Download The "Young People's Mental Health In 2020" Report
Much has been written about the mental health challenges young people are facing in 2020. The health and economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, changes in learning, missed milestones, and the racial reckoning in the United States have exacerbated an already existing mental health crisis.
In addition to the great need, there are many barriers to supporting young people's mental health. Yet, young people are often not consulted in designing and allocating mental health services and resources. To have the greatest impact now and in the future, young people's leadership and lived experience are critical. We must build on what has helped them and invest in what they feel would empower them to change their mental health and their communities' mental health.
Mental Health America's (MHA's) new report, Young People's Mental Health in 2020: Hope, Advocacy, and Action for the Future, shares the perspectives of 1,906 14-24-year-olds who completed our Young People's Mental Health Survey through our online screening program, MHAScreening.org

Every Young Heart and Mind: Schools as Centers of Wellness
The wellbeing of California's children is vital to the future of the state . Yet across California's schools and communities, a sobering crisis burdens the young . Trauma and adversity are undermining the ability of many students to learn.  Bullying and harassment are common. Anxiety, depression, and suicidal behavior are on the rise. Amid this crisis, there is cause for hope, even confidence.
School districts and counties are working together to promote awareness, provide training, increase staffing, and leverage community partnerships . Social-emotional learning is being elevated as key to academic success . Youth are courageously stepping up to guide mental health programming and provide support to their peers . The State has buoyed this optimism with additional financial investments before COVID hit.
But the pandemic has increased the risk factors, the recession is shrinking revenues, and the spotlight on racial inequities and social justice has amplified the urgency.

A Guide for Health Systems to Save Lives from "Deaths of Despair" and Improve Community Well-Being
Now is a propitious moment for purposeful action to heal our nation.
In a year when COVID-19 has further unmasked pervasive inequity, widespread system failure, and chronic under-investment in the vital conditions for well-being, it has also shined a light on the generosity, resourcefulness, and resilience of the American people. In this, the vital role of health care systems as community leaders has never been clearer. Concurrently, the essential service of health systems as values-led community anchor institutions, as well as quality care delivery systems, has never been more needed.
This guide is a call to action and a resource for health system leaders to move beyond narratives of doing good things - to being accountable for community outcomes.

Practical Mental Health Resources for Overwhelmed 
Business Owners
These tips are a good starting point if you're stressed and struggling to keep your business afloat.
The myriad personal and professional pressures of the pandemic are taking a toll on entrepreneurs. Mental health experts, including a psychiatrist, an organizational psychologist, and an occupational therapist, among others, interviewed for this Businessweek news article also weighed in with their concerns and analyses. Below are some of their suggestions for individuals who run their own ventures.

Virtual Event

About this Event
This FREE webinar for teens is a partnership between Mindset Sacramento and Art With Impact and will focus on using art and creativity to cope with mental health struggles. The session will include a showing and discussion of 3 short films, and will also provide information for aspiring filmmakers on how to get started. For questions, email sacteenmh@gmail.com, or visit sacymh.org for more information.


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