Weekly Wrap-Up
January 8, 2020

MHAC is both appalled and disheartened with Wednesday's events at the U.S. Capitol Building. This time of civil unrest can have a profound impact on mental health. We encourage you and your families to use and share our resources as we look to a better future for all. Be well.

Mental Health Providers Worry They'll Be 
Left Out Of First Vaccine Allocations
As frontline healthcare workers around the country receive the first doses of a Covid-19 vaccine, mental health providers worry they may not be included, even though they are often working in hospitals and clinics and may be exposed to Covid-19. The crux of the matter rests with how individual states end up interpreting broad federal guidelines for vaccine distribution.

Opening, Mental Health are Poway Unified's Priorities
The Poway Unified School District will focus on opening schools safely, student mental health and racial inequity in 2021, officials said.
Supt. Marian Kim Phelps said education has been changed "permanently and irrevocably," by the pandemic. "It is our job to leverage the lessons we have learned, and the improvements we have made, for the ongoing betterment of our students and their experiences in the Poway Unified School District," she said.

California Farm Bureau Commentary: Rural Mental Health Resources Must Be A Priority
Mental health in rural America should be a focal point, not a secondary issue. The California Farm Bureau recognizes that, and held a breakout session on the topic at their virtual Annual Meeting.
The panel included two producers, one from Walnut Grove and one from Illinois, who shared their personal experiences with farm-related stress and how they have found ways to combat it. They were also joined by an American Farm Bureau communications specialist, who discussed efforts including the Farm State of Mind campaign that has helped elevate the issue at the national level.


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