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Creating The Healthiest Nation:  Advancing Health Equity
Health disparities contribute high economic costs to the U.S. every year. The avoidable costs of health disparities include medical costs related to preventable chronic diseases and
the overutilization of health care resources. Also, health impacts employment potential and work-place efficiency; health disparities result in a large loss of productivity every year.


The State Of California: 
The Coronavirus Pandemic's Impact On Mental Health
The coronavirus pandemic continues to take its toll on Californians and not just physically.
The on again, off again nature of stay-at-home orders, the social isolation and the uncertainty about the future are affecting people's mental health, and aggravating existing anxiety and substance abuse issues.
Many counties have reported increases in people considering suicide, and of course, the pandemic has not only interrupted people's ability to get help, it's also interfered with substance abuse services at the very time more people may be inclined to abuse drugs and alcohol as a way of coping.

Kid Cudi Opens Up About Living with Anxiety and Depression: 'I Turn My Pain Into Music'
Kid Cudi is sharing a powerful message about mental health.
Ahead of the Well Beings virtual town hall event, the 36-year-old rapper opens up about his experience overcoming depression and anxiety in a new video.

86-Year-Old Therapist Shares 5 Tips to Help Seniors Endure Pandemic Loneliness

Staying socially engaged in older age is key to longevity, studies have found.
The risk for the severe form of COVID-19 increases with age, so like many older adults, Katharine Esty spent many weeks this spring without leaving her home at all.
Esty, who turns 86 this week, knows all too well the toll such self-isolation can take on mental health. She's still a practicing psychotherapist who helps patients cope with life - though the sessions are now by phone as the coronavirus outbreak grips the country.

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Virtual Events

Tuesday, July 21, 2020
10:00 a.m. Pacific Time
PolicyMatters: The Crisis in California Mental Health
Before the pandemic and recession, California was already struggling with a mental health system widely considered to be dysfunctional. Gov. Newsom promised "an aggressive agenda to lift California's approach to mental healthcare into a national model." What have the pandemic and recession done to this issue and these plans? What are the mental health impacts of the virus and how is a struggling government system, now facing budget cuts, responding?
Moderator: Jocelyn Wiener, Healthcare reporter for CalMatters


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