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How People Are Navigating the Mental Health Crisis With 'Surf Therapy'
The term itself has only been in common usage for the last five years or so, but it's so effective that charities like The Wave Project have now established referral pathways with the NHS.

'Bear Our Pain': The Plea For More Black Mental Health Workers
The need for mental health support is more evident than ever, especially among Black Americans, say people who study and experience the burden of racism. People of color were already dealing with heavy loads from a pandemic that continues to claim a greater proportion of Black, Latino and Native American lives and a greater share of jobs. Now there's the emotional reckoning following George Floyd's murder, which has stirred up a kind of collective trauma.

Student Mental Health During COVID-19
Three college students and mental health activists involved with Active Minds share what the last few months have been like, advice for their peers, and what they look forward to.

Virtual Events

Summer 2020: Empowerment Workshops on Zoom

The Summer of Empowerment is upon us!
Free workshops on ZOOM - and BETTER - $25 rewards for attending a workshop and filling out an evaluation PLUS a chance to win a Mac notebook or iPad.
This summer we are offering four special workshops on Zoom, designed for young adults and transition age youth, from 15 to 30 years of age . . but people of all ages are welcome. And friends and family of a young person with depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety or other metal health concerns are also invited!
Register at the links below:
July 25 - 10:30 am
Subjects to be offered include those most requested by young adults and those who attend DBSA support groups. A sample of subjects is below.
  • Resources available for Mental Health in Sacramento County
  • Meditation in Motion: Qi gong practice
  • Disability Systems: Do I Qualify? How do I navigate the system?
  • "Take a Breath" - An exercise in mindfulness and breathing
  • In their Own Voice: Stories of special people from NAMI
  • WRAP: Wellness & Recovery Action Plan. What is it? How do I create one?
  • Best Practices: Living with Depression in the Age of Corona
  • Talk Saves Lives: Suicide Prevention
  • Young Voices: Personal Stories of young people with depression
  • I'm Here: Starting a conversation with a friend with depression
  • Know Your Rights: A primer on physical and mental health insurance parity


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