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September 11, 2020


MHAC pauses today to honor and remember those lost in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  We will never forget.


Why Mental Health Resources Are Critical for Firefighters

Like most emergency responders, firefighters are expected to be calm, level-headed and able to face even the most challenging situations with courage. They have long been expected to contain their emotions and approach their jobs with logic and reason, with the understanding that only those who have the ability to successfully manage the stress and emotional aspects of the job are cut out for success.

Cambodian American Mental Health Data Show Need for Culturally Sensitive Programs, Community Leaders Say
58 percent of participants in a Cambodian community wellness program reported reductions in effects of past trauma, while depression-related symptoms declined for 69 percent.

'I Was Looking for Someone Like Me' 
Is Peer Counseling the Answer?
A bill headed to the governor would certify 'peer providers,' with their own histories of mental illness, to help Californians with similar challenges. While 48 states certify peer counselors, California does not.

California Poised To Strengthen Mental Health Insurance Laws
This week, California's legislature passed one of the nation's strictest mental health parity bills. It aims to increase mental health insurance coverage to include far more conditions - including, notably, addiction - as well as redefining the criteria for insurance denials.

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