September 2019
Issue: 6
MHC Updates
Top Three From the CEO
1. 2019 MHC Annual Connection
MHC will be highlighting the importance of utilizing the HIE, its data and services, to enhance care. MHC's mission, to deliver "actionable and meaningful data", is not only about our participants getting the most out of patient data, but know how to utilize, process, and normalize the data, so it is meaningful to all providers in order to reduce administrative burden and much more .

Join us October 30th in Columbia, MO to be a part of the events and hear from keynote speaker Todd Richardson , Director of MOHealthNet.

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2. MO Medicaid (MO HealthNet) Incentive for Participation with MHC. 
Please be advised that Missouri Health Connection (MHC) has funding available to cover the one-time implementation costs associated with connecting to MHC’s Health Information Exchange (HIE) network. The funding available to qualified MO Medicaid Eligible Hospitals (EHs) and Eligible Providers (EPs), under the Meaningful Use program, will be used to connect your organization to MHC without incurring any costs for:
  • Implementation/Onboarding costs to establish a connection between MHC and the EP/EH EHR. Onboarding to the MHC HIE network requires a data interface to be established between the MHC HIE network and a provider’s EHR system so that a bi-directional exchange of health data can be accomplished and facilitated;
  • MHC’s first year of Annual Subscription Fees for services; and
  • The EHR interface fee assessed by your EHR vendor to establish an interface connection with MHC. 

MHC strongly encourages any Missouri Medicaid provider to contact MHC as soon as possible to get in the queue to onboard to MHC’s HIE network by taking advantage of the funding available. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity please direct all inquiries about this opportunity to onboard the MHC HIE network to Angie Bass at (573)777-4550 or   

3. MHC and KHIN Will Be Connected and Live Soon
In mid-August, MHC finalized a data sharing agreement to connect with Kansas Health Information Network. We are pleased to connect with KHIN to better serve our participants and their patients. Read more in the press release below.

Continue to look for more updates on our social media pages and website!

President & CEO, Angie Bass
M HC Patient Numbers
MHC Positive Patient Consent Rate:

Total MRN in MPI:

Total Unique MPIID:
New MHC Participant
30 Day Comment Period for Proposed Revisions to MHC Policies and Procedures
MHC’S Chief Operating Officer, Jaki Porter, sent a notice on September 26, 2019 to all MHC Participants regarding proposed revisions to the Use Policies and Procedures (Use Policies). The proposed revision are related to the consent requirements currently implemented for Health Plan Participants and organ procurement organizations. MHC Participants will have 30 days from the date of notice (September 26, 2019) to review the necessary changes and provide written comments, questions, or concerns to MHC.

Questions, comments, or concerns about the proposed revisions or procedure regarding the implementation of the updated Use Policies should be directed to the MHC Help Desk at 573.777.4550. MHC Participants can request a copy of the proposed revisions by contacting Jaki Porter at
MHC in the News
Missouri & Alabama: Bridging patient care between two states using statewide Health Information Exchanges
June 10, 2019 – Missouri Health Connection (MHC), one of the largest and technically progressive health information exchanges (HIE) in the nation, and the Alabama One Health Record (ALOHR) network, Alabama’s ever-expanding State HIE, announces their go-live of bi-directional CCD ...
Missouri Health Connection and Kansas Health Information Network Finalize Data Sharing Agreement
August 14, 2019 – Missouri Health Connection, Kansas Health Information Network, Show-Me Health Information Network of Missouri Finalize Data Sharing Agreement to Give Health Care Providers More Comprehensive Electronic Health Data ...
Missouri Health Connection and Arkansas SHARE are now LIVE
August 27, 2019 – Missouri Health Connection and Arkansas SHARE are live sharing data.
Below are the Arkansas facilities contributing data and available to the MHC network.

  • Arkansas Children’s Hospital
  • Arkansas Children’s Hospital Northwest
  • Baxter Regional Medical Center
  • Baptist Health Rehabilitation Institute
  • Bradley County Medical Center
  • CHI St. Vincent Infirmary
  • CHI St. Vincent Infirmary Hot Springs
  • CHI St. Vincent Medical Center North
  • CHI St. Vincent Morriton
  • Conway Regional Medical Center
  • Conway Regional Rehab Hospital
  • National Park Medical Center
  • St. Mary’s Medical Center
  • University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  • Ozarks Community Hospital of Gravette
  • Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System – Little Rock
  • Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System – North Little Rock
  • Fayetteville VA Medical Center
DrFirst and MHC Partner to Improve Medication Data in MO Hospitals
DrFirst, a pioneer in e-prescribing and medication management technology, has partnered with Missouri Health Connection (MHC) to provide more comprehensive prescription and fill data for Missouri hospitals.
The pilot of the new interoperability gateway between MHC and DrFirst was successfully launched at Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital (SGCMH), enabling medication data to be shared through the MHC health information exchange network. 
The strength of DrFirst’s medication information added to that of MHC, will improve patient outcomes and clinical workflows, as well as population health management.
The partnership benefits all MHC hospital participants as well. Through DrFirst and MHC, health care systems can have access to the most complete and up-to-date medication information available, including data from:
  • MHC Participants
  • Pharmacy chains
  • Local independent pharmacies
  • DrFirst provides data integrations with pharmacy systems like VIP, QS/1, Rx30, Speed Script, Cost Effective, SRS, Best Rx and Computer-Rx
  • Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs)
  • DrFirst’s Wide Area Patient Search (WAPS) that pulls data from over 70 million e-prescriptions per year
“Improving medication history is a top priority for our participants. We are proud to partner with DrFirst to provide the best medication data to clinicians to allow them to deliver the best treatment for their patients," said Angie Bass, President and CEO of Missouri Health Connection

If you're interested in learning more about how DrFirst and MHC can provide complete, clean, and consumable medication history for clinicians at your health care system, please reach out to:
Ross Noakes
Enterprise Sales Representative, Mid-West
Board Member Q & A Spotlight
Herb Kuhn
President & CEO 
Missouri Hospital Association

MHC: Herb, you are one of the longest serving members of the Board of Directors, what has that meant to you and what has MHC meant for the state interoperability-wise and for the citizens?

Herb Kuhn: The vision that brought us together at the beginning is still the vision today — to improve the quality and safety of patient care, and reduce costs, through more secure and effective electronic connections. Having doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health care providers connected is the linchpin to those success factors. MHC was established shortly after the federal government directed new investments toward and prioritized interoperability. Part of MHC’s strength remains its foundation as a public-private partnership. Although, the partnership with the state has shifted — MHC’s lodestar has not. MHC remains focused on health outcome improvements for all Missourians.

MHC: MHC has accomplished a lot in it short life, what do feel are the greatest accomplishments?

Herb Kuhn: MHC has made significant progress since it was formed. However, rather than focus on a single system deployment or technology milestone, I think the best metric of accomplishment is the very real difference MHC is making for individual patients. Hospitals and health care organizations often share a “mission moment” at meetings to provide both focus and perspective. MHC is no exception. Hearing the story of a physician or other clinician who — through the connection created by MHC — can access the medical information on a patient that is sitting right across from them, helps ground board members. The mission moment reminds us that regardless of the clinical setting, technology is empowering caregivers to leverage health information to improve the patient care. To me, that’s the best success story that can be told.

MHC: The Missouri Hospital Association and MHC have worked well together, what are the best highlights to date and what role do you see the two playing in the future together?

Herb Kuhn: MHA was a founding stakeholder and helped draft MHC’s strategic plan. As we move forward, health information exchange stakeholders will need to build on our initial vision by collaboratively evolving the statewide framework for the future. Missouri needs a system that is coordinated, integrated and capable of supporting communities’ care grounded in the state’s hospitals. Moreover, the framework provided by robust information exchange will drive opportunities for applied analytics to inform care decisions for individuals and communities, while creating value in health delivery.

MHC: What would you tell health care providers who are not currently participants of MHC about the need to join an HIE to achieve their interoperability goals?

Herb Kuhn: Many health care providers look at new payment programs or systems — particularly when those payers are government programs — and see nothing but headwinds. However, a patient-centered, quality-focused health care payment and delivery system also creates opportunity. To take full advantage of the transformation, stakeholders will need every available tool to inform care. HIE’s — with their ability to help health care organizations and clinicians share data — are central to the transformation of the health care reform. Having HIE’s like MHC, and collaborating partners through this time of great change, is a smart move.
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