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Oct 3, 2018 | Vol. 13 | No. 40
CM_AckerCouncilmember Acker Resigns
Councilmember Acker; click for press release
On Saturday, September 29, Councilmember Tom Acker tendered his resignation, effective immediately, citing personal health concerns and family commitments. 

Councilmember Acker stated in an email addressed to Mayor Debbie Bertlin and Deputy Mayor Salim Nice, "Serving on the Council and representing the community has been a rewarding experience which I've very much enjoyed. My health and the well-being of my family must be my first priority."

Mayor Bertlin said, "This news is unfortunate and was unexpected," and added, "Speaking on behalf of the entire Mercer Island team we extend our support to Tom and his family. We are grateful for his service to the Council and the community. We wish Tom and his family the best."

Councilmember Acker was elected in November 2017 to fill Council Position No. 4. Under existing 
rules , Council will use the following schedule to fill the position:
  • Mon, Oct 8: Advertising begins and applications available
  • Weds, Nov 21: Applications due to City Clerk by 5:00pm
  • Thurs, Dec 6: Candidate speeches/interviews beginning at 6:00pm; Council then deliberates in closed session
  • Tues, Dec 11: City Council vote
  • Tues, Dec 18: Swearing in of new Councilmember
For more information, contact Ali Spietz, Assistant to the City Manager at (206) 275-7667 or  ali.spietz@mercergov.org  
Town_CenterWho Keeps Town Center Beautiful?
Island Crest Way wildflowers (left) and Town Center hanging baskets (right)
Did you know the City's Right-of-Way Team is responsible for maintaining over 84 miles of roadways including a wide range of Town Center beautification projects each year? This ranges from the more visible projects such as the flower baskets hanging from lampposts, and summertime wildflower displays along the median of Island Crest Way, to the more mundane work required to maintain the Town Center area. Those tasks include weeding, watering, sidewalk maintenance, and servicing of the public recycling and garbage cans.

The Right-of-Way crew enjoys making the Town Center area a more pleasant and inviting landscape. If you notice an issue that needs attention, you can try out the City's new online service request tool: MI-Connect. The simple website (or app) allows anyone to send a request directly to our field crews and then track its progress.-Connect

Learn more about all the programs and services that the  Public Works Department  provides for you.
ADP_PlanningAubrey Davis Park Master Planning Process Begins
Click to visit our public engagement site
Built in 1992 as part of I-90, Aubrey Davis Park is a 90+ acre, 2.8-mile-long recreation and transportation facility on Mercer Island that has become a treasured community asset. Given the park's age, changing needs, increased use, and the construction of East Link Light Rail, now is a good time to engage the community in a critical conversation about the future.

The City's Parks and Recreation Department is leading a master planning process in partnership with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to establish a shared community vision for the future of Aubrey Davis Park. The success of this planning process depends on user input: what do you love about the park? What can be improved? What should the next 25-years look like?

The Aubrey Davis Master Plan will include an extended community engagement process running until the fall of 2019, with a wide range of commenting opportunities. Use our interactive portal Let's Talk Mercer Island to keep track of the process, learn more, add a comment on a park map, or just ask a question.
Mercer Island Goes Green
SalmonWatch Salmon Return to Local Creeks
Click for info on where and when you can see salmon this fall
All around western King County this fall there are opportunities to view salmon returning to spawn.  Salmon need access to clean, cool water and good habitat -- restoration and stewardship projects all over Lake Washington are helping make a difference.  

The City of Mercer Island takes a number of extra measures in its own operations and during maintenance projects, including additional street sweeping, and stormwater runoff treatment, in order to protect salmon. 

Homeowners can also help by preventing polluted water from entering the lake: 
  • Use commercial carwashes (where wastewater is filtered)
  • Don't pour hazardous chemicals down stormdrains
  • Pick up after your dog (animal waste belongs in the garbage)
  • Make sure cars aren't leaking oil
Across the Lake Washington, Cedar River, and Lake Sammamish watershed (which contains Mercer Island), many different events are planned or underway.  Learn more about  Salmon Seeson here. The closest venue for Islanders is Bellevue's  Kelsey Creek at the Mercer Slough.     
Breast_CancerMI Police and Fire Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness
Click to learn more about Breast Cancer Awareness
Both of the City's public safety departments, Police and Fire, are wearing pink this October in s upport of National Breast Cancer Awareness month. The Police Department had a special patch created to add to uniforms, and Fire Department staff are wearing pink T-Shirts (see photos). These efforts, and others, raise funds for research and intervention.
One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime, and each year over 250,000 new cases are detected, with 20% of those leading to death. Among all women affected, 85% have no family history.  To help reduce your risk, experts advise maintaining a healthy weight, eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, exercising and limiting alcohol consumption. Learn more.
To make a donation to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research, or contribute to funds being collected by the Firefighters' Union (IAFF Local 1762), stop in at either Mercer Island Fire Station.   To purchase your own MIPD Pink Patch, contact Retired MI Detective Pete Erickson.
Code_ComplianceNew and Improved Code Compliance Program
Click to learn more about 
Code Compliance on MI
Based on feedback from the community, the City has invested in improving its code compliance program over the last year.  In November 2017 staffing was increased to a full-time Code Compliance Officer (it has historically been a half-time position).  At that same time, the City Arborist position was also increased from half- to full-time. 

This increased staffing has enabled the City to add proactive monitoring of construction sites for violations of codes and permit requirements, increasing compliance with erosion control, tree protection, noise, parking and other requirements.  The City also now has additional capacity for following up on complaints from the community related to potential code violations that are unrelated to construction.
On September 17, 2018, City Council approved Ordinance 18C-06  consolidating, updating, and strengthening the City's code compliance regulations in a new code chapter, Chapter 6.10 MICC. The new code creates broadly applicable enforcement tools (including misdemeanors, civil violations, civil infractions, voluntary compliance agreements, stop work orders, and abatement) and adds new monetary penalties intended to spur compliance from people that are responsible for violations.  Additional penalties can also be levied for priority, repeat, and deliberate violations.  These tools will provide significant new strength to the City's efforts to enforce codes.
The new code provisions took effect on October 1, 2018.  The City will be sending notices to property owners with open code compliance cases explaining the impact of these new regulations.  In most cases, property owners will need to take action towards resolving violation(s) within a prescribed timeline, or they may face monetary penalties.  The City will be sending notices on a rolling basis through the end of the year.   Click to learn more about Code Compliance.


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