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The Mercer Island Food Pantry relies on your non-perishable food donations to keep the shelves stocked year-round.
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Sept 4, 2019 | Vol. 14 | No. 36
At the Tuesday, September 3, City Council meeting, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) experts spoke to the Council about its response so far to the August cougar sightings on Mercer Island.

This Special Study Session started at 6:45pm, and  archived video is available on the Cougar Information page on Let's Talk.
Updates and news will continue to be posted on the City's  cougar webpage .  
Mercer Island Goes Green
RecologyPreparations Fully Underway for Recology Transition Oct 1
Click to visit the City's Recology page
With September just around the corner, preparations are intensifying for the switch from current hauler (Republic Services) to Recology on  October 1. Here's what residents can expect in the coming month...  For more information, visit the City's Recology page, or call the Recology service center directly at  206-381-6980.

  • New Curbside Cart Delivery Will Begin Sept 2 - Residential customers will receive an automated call from Recology the day before their normal pick-up with instructions to leave carts out till 5:00pm throughout the month of September. Customers will not receive all of their new carts in the same week; it may take most of the month to complete the swap out. [Note: Republic Services will actually be emptying the new carts until the October 1 switchover to Recology].  More detail here
  • Welcome Packets Will Appear in Residential Mailboxes Starting Sept 3This will explain in great detail how to use your new Recology service, answer FAQ's, etc.  
  • Map of Collection DaysThis is now available online. About 30% of households will have a new collection day due to new routing efficiencies, starting October 1.
  • Modify Your Number of Compost CartsOne of the biggest changes starting October 1 is that compost/yard waste will be collected every week, not every other week, like today. This means that many residents may be able to reduce the number of compost carts they need. [Note: extra volumes of yard waste, like seasonal leaves/grass, can always be set out in paper bags for a small fee]. A compost cart modification letter will be mailed to all residential accounts starting Sept 6, or visit a  simple webpage today to change your future compost service level; change will become effective Oct 1.
  • Multifamily Accounts Will Receive Welcome Packets Mid-SeptemberIf you live in an apartment or condo building, Recology will contact your property manager to arrange a smooth transition, provide educational materials, explain service etc.
For more information or clarification, please contact Recology's phonebank directly at 206-381-6980 (Mon-Fri: 7:00am-7:00pm, and Sat-Sun: 8:00am-5:00pm).  
LicensesCity Business Licenses Moving Online
Click to visit the State's Business Licensing website
The City is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the Washington State Department of Revenue's  Business Licensing Service  (BLS) to offer City business licenses online effective October 10

This convenient, time-saving new service will allow new or expanding businesses to apply for their city license online along with other state and local licenses that already partner with BLS.

This new online option applies only to City Business Licenses; business owners must still send 
B&O tax returns  directly to the City of Mercer Island.
About six weeks before the current expiration date (in approximately mid-November), the State's Business Licensing Service will send a license renewal letter with instructions on how to renew City of Mercer Island business licenses online.

Fees, which remain $30, may be paid via E-check or credit card. The first license renewal under the online system may be prorated for less than a year's duration in order to adjust the City's license expiration date to match with the expiration date BLS already has for a business in its statewide system.

For more information, visit the BLS website at 
bls.dor.wa.gov  or call BLS at 1-800-451-7985.  
CERT_ClassRegister for Seven-Week Emergency Training Class (CERT)
Click to learn more about the 
City's CERT Program
Are you prepared to respond when a disaster strikes?  Do you know how to take care of your family, your neighbors and your community when an earthquake hits? 
The City's seven-week Community Emergency Response (CERT) Course is a great way to gain the training you will need to assist in a wide range of situations. The free course meets Monday evenings from 6:00-9:00pm at City Hall, starting on September 9, 2019.

Come meet your neighbors, and learn in a fun, relaxed environment from professionals! Contact the City's Emergency Manager, MIPD Officer Jennifer Franklin, to register at  (206) 275-7905, or email  Jennifer.Franklin@mercergov.org.

ADMPDraft Aubrey Davis Master Plan Now Available
Click to learn more
A preliminary draft of the Aubrey Davis Master Plan is now available on Let's Talk. The graphical plan contains preferred options and general guidelines for the future of the park.  An Open House on Monday, September 23 will feature an in-person survey to get feedback on the draft plan. The same survey will be available online starting then.


Visit the Aubrey Davis Park Master Plan project page on Let's Talk for more information.

VOICE-SVPSuccessful Student Volunteering
Click to learn more about student volunteering
The City's  Youth and Family Services Department (MIYFS) offers two popular summer volunteer opportunities for Mercer Island students in Grade 6 and above.  The middle school Summer Volunteer Program (SVP) is open to current 6th and 7th grade students, and the Volunteer Outreach in Communities Everywhere (VOICE) program is open to current 8th through 11th grade students. Learn more.

This summer, over 220 students volunteered and provided almost 8,000 hours of community service to nearly 50 non-profits throughout greater King County.  Participants select specific projects to work on from among several hundred service opportunities from serving food to working outside to helping the homeless. VOICE volunteers complete a minimum of eight projects, while SVP volunteers complete at least four, but many participants complete far more.

A highlight each summer is witnessing the students provide service with grit, determination, and a good attitude. Many of the partner organizations have even come to count on these volunteers to achieve major goals, and leaders are often impressed with what engaged youth can accomplish.

Registration for the 2020 VOICE/SVP Programs will be open from March 20 to May 1, on the program webpage.  To receive an email reminder of these dates, please contact Brittany Aguilar, Youth Development and Community Prevention Coordinator, at Brittany.Aguilar@mercergov.org.
MIPR_Event Doo Wop and Daisies Event, Sept 12
Click to learn more about the event
The City's Parks and Recreation Department and the Senior Foundation of Mercer Island are hosting a FREE upcoming event, Doo Wop & Daisies, to honor aging in our community! 

Come join us on Thursday, September 12, from 11:00am to 2:00pm, at the Community and Event Center for a free boxed lunch, Tai Chi and art demonstrations, live music, a P-patch garden tour, and special guest speakers John Jensen ( The History of Doo Wop at 11:30am) and Ciscoe Morris (local gardening guru at 1:00pm).

Please call 206-275-7609 or visit playonmercer.com to register; registration is required three days in advance to reserve a boxed lunch.

The City thanks the following sponsors for making this event possible: Aegis Living on MI, Aljoya, Island House, MBK Senior Living, Sunrise Living of MI, Covenant Living at the Shores, and Recology.  


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