In a bold step forward to encourage and support the future of the arts, The Miami Symphony Orchestra managed to accomplish what only a small group of arts organizations have done. We have honored the full payment of all the contractual commitments to our musicians for the 2019-2020 season. Including those concerts which were cancelled due to the pandemia.

The decision originated in the board of directors as a token of their pledge to the community. They stated that "the Miami Symphony Orchestra believes that we create the future with today's actions. Therefore, in the face of adversity, we are called to prioritize what matters most in our lives: our people."

A passionate supporter of this decision, MISO's Music Director and Conductor Eduardo Marturet said that thanks to actions like this, "we will stand together and continue using the power of music to overcome this crisis stronger than ever.”
Something wonderful is happening in Miami!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the New Beginnings Fund!
Famed musician and music producer, Emilio Estefan, and Maestro Eduardo Marturet have teamed up to bring something positive to our vibrant community in a time when we could all use a little hope, entertainment, and joy.

This has been a long, difficult year and like we are looking forward to a new year and a New Beginning!

We invite you to join us in creating a new chapter of resilience for your hometown orchestra, as we use the healing power of music to bring people closer together and give us a beacon of hope for the future.

Read on to learn more about the New Beginnings Fund, our current and future programs, and to see how you can play an important role in helping all of us and our beloved Miami get back on our feet!
Leading Us to a Better Way
We have found ourselves in a moment of disharmony.
For months now we have been bombarded daily with bad news about Covid-19, bleak economic forecasts, and the tumult and tension of confronting the racial injustice and inequality. 

Now more than ever we need a way to feel more connected, more united - more in harmony with one another.

What better way than through the power of music?
The Miami Symphony Orchestra is taking bold steps to develop new programs and performances that will endeavor to bring us all closer together, provide opportunities to our youth, and fill us with hope for a brighter future. 

The New Beginnings Fund is not just about ensuring the “survival” of MISO, but it gives us the means to develop top quality programs, youth activities, performances, and new opportunities for community engagement that will have real impact now!

Eduardo Marturet 
Music Director & Conductor
Together – we can make a difference!
“In the face of adversity there is opportunity. Now, perhaps more than ever before in the history of our country, we are faced with striking new challenges almost daily. This is daunting in many ways, but it also has the power to inspire people to stand up for causes they truly believe in. I have been awed by seeing people step forward in magnificent ways during these unprecedented times. 

“The New Beginnings Fund is MISO’s bold initiative to move ahead with optimism and positive energy, not only to get us through this period, but to deliver enriching experiences along the way and give us the opportunity to do something that directly benefits others and our community through the power of music. 

“Join us in building something together that will have a meaningful impact on our beloved Miami and our community of neighbors and friends: A New Beginning.”
new opportunities for community engagement that will have real impact now!

Emilio Estefan
Celebrity Chair
The New Beginnings Fund
Join us in MISO’s New Beginning!

In the spirit of New Beginnings, we want to start the new year off by reaching our goal of $500,000 for the fund by New Year’s Day. Your support will help us emerge stronger than ever!

  • Provide immediate capital to sustain the Orchestra, keep it intact, and enable us to be active during the Covid-19 period.

  • Provide funds for MISO activities, programs, teaching, materials, and mini performances.

  • Enable MISO to further develop our plans to work with low-income kids and coordinate activities with area schools.

  • Continue to create attractive ways to engage children of all ages in music and the arts.

  • Enable MISO to conduct special performances for the home-bound, nursing homes, veterans' centers, and hospitals.

  • Fund MISO’s performances and programs to address and counterbalance racial injustices with messages of unity, forgiveness, and compassion.

  • Support MISO’s initiatives to entertain, educate, and engage the community in creative activities and positive experiences during the Covid-19 crisis.
Please join us in building a New Beginning!
By contributing, you’ll become a Founding Member of the New Beginnings Fund and help us keep the music alive now, and for another 31 seasons!

How We Are Impacting Our Community

Your generous support of the New Beginnings Fund gives MISO the resources to continue to engage, entertain, and inspire Miami!
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Golden Sounds from Hollywood


Daniel Andai Violin
Ciro Fodere - Piano
Fernando Duprat - Executive Producer for Special Events 

Eduardo Marturet - Conductor
The Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO), now in its historic 32nd season, is Miami's hometown professional symphony and a valuable contributor to Miami's cultural fabric. With 80 professional musicians selected from around the world, MISO represents the exceptional talent and diversity that mirrors South Florida's international and multicultural richness. With national and world premieres becoming more common, MISO is a source of growing local pride and support.

Founded in 1989 by the late Manuel Ochoa, since 2006 the baton has been in the hands of Eduardo Marturet, a Venezuelan composer and conductor acclaimed across three continents. During his 16 year tenure Maestro Marturet has taken MISO into the world-class professional symphony of Miami. He states that "ultimately MISO belongs to the community, and our job is to raise the artistic level each and every year. Because of our loyal fans and supporters, our future looks bright as the glow of the great city of Miami."