MIBLSI is pleased to offer three days with Anita Archer
March 10, 11 and 12, 2020

8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Crowne Plaza Lansing West
925 S Creyts Road
Lansing, MI 48917

$20.00 each day

Attend one or multiple days!
Anita Archer serves as an educational consultant to state departments, county agencies, and school districts on explicit instruction and literacy instruction. She has taught elementary and middle school students and is the recipient of ten Outstanding Educator awards. She has served on the faculties of San Diego State University, the University of Washington, and the University of Oregon. Currently, Anita is providing training on explicit instruction in the United States, Australia, and Canada, having presented in all 50 states over the course of her 52-year career in education.
March 10

Getting Then All Engaged - Inclusive Active Participation
Do you have students who are not attending or participating during your lessons? In this session, Dr. Archer will present research-validated procedures for actively involving ALL students in instruction including the use of verbal responses, written responses, and action responses. Procedures will be explained, demonstrated, and practiced. Examples will represent a variety of courses and age levels.

In addition, Dr. Archer will address other elements the affect engagement such as academic success, growth mindset, and teacher-student relationship.

Target Grades K-12
March 11

Comprehension is not a strategy. Comprehension is the OUTCOME!
Whether we are considering reading comprehension in 4th grade or 12th grade, the same big ideas must be addressed with research-validated practices, before, during, and after passage reading to ensure student success.

  • Can students read the words accurately and fluently?
  • Do students know the meaning of critical vocabulary?
  • Do students have the necessary background knowledge for the passage?
  • Do students use powerful practices to focus on and respond to the passage's critical content?

In this training, Dr. Archer will address each of these questions with current research. You will leave with instructional procedures that you can put into action immediately.

Target Grades 4-12
March 12

Words, Words, Words. It is all about WORDS!
Words are all we have....for understanding new concepts, building background knowledge, expressing our ideas, and understanding narrative and informative texts.

In this training, Dr. Archer will expand your knowledge regarding the following topics:

  • Selecting vocabulary terms fro explicit instruction
  • Designing effective lessons by determining the word meanings, critical attributes, and examples and non-examples
  • Effectively introducing general academic and domain specific vocabulary
  • Organizing knowledge networks
  • Teaching independent vocabulary strategies
  • Providing adequate practice to promote use and retention of vocabulary

All practices will be modeled and practiced with examples from a variety of grade levels and domains. In addition, intermediate and secondary demonstration videos will be viewed and analyzed.

Target Grades 4-12
Target Audience
General and Special Education Teachers
Reading Specialists
School Psychologists
Reading Interventionists
Title 1 Teachers
School Administrators
Special Education Supervisors
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February 10, 2020 or upon meeting session capacity, whichever occurs first.
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Annette Snyder
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