Issue: 9                          April 2018
This month we talked with 'Don' Kaminar, our Commissioner from Arkansas.

1.      How long have you been involved with the Compact and how has your role changed over that period?  

I became involved with the Commission in the summer of 2015, when our previous commissioner left the Department of Education. Initially, I was a rather wide-eyed novice at everything the Commission and the state council do. At the Annual Business Meeting that year, I volunteered for the Rules Committee, and then as vice chair of that group. When my colleague from Maryland and mentor, Mary Gable, was elected vice chair of the Commission, I succeeded her as chair of the Rules and as such became a member of the Executive Committee. Situations evolve and people change roles and responsibilities, and I soon found myself a member and then chair of the Training Committee. It’s been quite a ride!

2.      What are the main issues that face your military connected students and how has the Compact helped?  

Most of the issues we face deal with graduation and eligibility. We have one major active duty installation in Arkansas (the Little Rock Air Force Base), and most of our military children attend school in one of three districts closest to the base. Thankfully, the administrators in those districts are very experienced in addressing the needs of military families. With the state law that made Arkansas a member of the Compact to guide them, they resolve a majority of issues before they ever reach the state council.

3.       Are there areas the Compact does not address that you feel may help students?  

Most of the issues our military students are faced with are resolved successfully, so at this time, no.

4.      Can you share your social media outlets from Arkansas that our readers, and the national office can link to if they were interested?  

Our state council relies on the Department of Education social media feed. Here are the links: 

5.       Do you feel that the knowledge of the Compact is increasing in your state - from the students, parents, school and military perspective?  

It definitely is. We’ve been on a campaign to increase awareness, primarily through presenting at statewide conferences for counselors, administrators, and school boards.

For the upcoming Month of the Military Child in Arkansas, we’re planning a big day! Beginning in mid-March, we’ll start posting ideas on our Twitter and Facebook, and will publish Eighteen in ‘18” ideas for MOMC on the department web page. During the April meeting of the State Board of Education, the Board will adopt a resolution recognizing military families for their sacrifice and acknowledging April as Month of the Military Child. We’ll have four families on hand, one each from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force (no Coast Guard presence in Arkansas, sorry!) in attendance to be presented to the Board. And last but not least, we hope to unveil the Arkansas Purple Star School Award to recognize public and open enrollment charter schools that go above and beyond to support military families.
A Resurgent Year for Interstate Compacts
"The diversity of issues being being addressed by Interstate Compacts today - including workforce mobility, criminal justice, Natural Resource Management and Disaster Relief - is a continuing endorsement of the power and adaptability of these unique tools for states." - Dan Logsdon, Manager, National Center for Interstate Compacts

"Fort Drum Day" - February 6, 2018
Albany, New York
Maj.Gen. Walter E. Piatt, Commanding General, 10th Mountain Divison, Fort Drum, N.Y. addressed lawmakers in Albany on "Fort Drum Day" to speak on the impact that Fort Drum has on New York State. MG Piatt went on to highlight the importance of the Compact to his family.

Ohio Department of Education Recognizes New Purple Star Schools
In late February, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Paolo DeMaria, announced that 44 Ohio schools received the  Purple Star designation  for their commitment to serving military-connected students and families.

To advance the lives of our military-connected students, DoDEA relies on one true vision: "Excellence in Education for Every Student, Every Day, Everywhere."  The grant program beautifully showcases this vision in so many ways.

Through our grant program we are building partnerships with public schools and other community organizations that will help military connected students be college and career ready.

 Applications are due Wednesday, May 2, 2018. A technical assistance webinar will be held March 28, 2018. Webinar information is included in the announcement. If you have questions, please email .  
Downloadable one pagers, guides and brochures are available online for your meetings and events. You may also request publications online . Four new posters are now available!
The receiving school shall initially place a student who transfers before or during the school year in educational courses based on the student’s enrollment in the sending state school and/or educational assessments conducted at the school in the sending state to the extent the educational courses are provided by the receiving school. Course placement includes but is not limited to Honors, International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, vocational, technical and career pathways courses. The receiving school may perform subsequent evaluations to ensure appropriate placement and continued enrollment of the student in the course(s). The receiving school may allow the student to attend similar educational courses in other schools within the LEA if the receiving school does not offer such educational courses.
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Executive Committee Meeting
Apr 17-19 Lexington, KY - Spring Planning Meeting

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