We are following up on our June 14th memo regarding the changes made by Google to their storage system. If you missed that email, please read it first here

MICA will be offering all our alumni who have a email address the opportunity to transition to a new email address by signing up to our forwarding service. This will ensure that you will continue to have access to a MICA-related address and be able to receive and forward emails to a personal email account. 

We are excited to offer this service to our entire MICA alumni community, regardless of year of graduation. We appreciate the opportunity to keep you updated on MICA news and events through this channel. Maintaining our affiliation through the accounts allows for continuous communication.

To sign up for an forwarding account, please fill out this form with your name and primary NON-MICA email address (examples:, that the emails will be forwarded to. We will create your address and you will receive an email from DUOCircle asking you to activate this account. *This must be done within 3 days of receiving the email*

If you don’t have a NON-MICA email account, and don’t know how to get one, please email us at for some alternative options and suggestions. 

As a reminder, we are currently creating a collective webpage for all of this information regarding the changes made by Google, which we encourage you to read through thoroughly once launched. 

We will continue to keep you updated over the next several months leading to the sunsetting of alumni accounts - currently scheduled for Dec 2021. If you have any questions regarding this alumni forwarding service please contact

Alumni Relations Team