Break Return Update
November 20, 2020 

Good Afternoon MICC Students and Families,  

We feel so fortunate that we have such a strong community. Thank you for responding so quickly to our family options form for the upcoming holiday season. We are diligently working to ensure that we are ready to provide the safest in-person return post-Thanksgiving and to support students who will be utilizing Google Classroom from home.  

On Wednesday, November 18th Governor Walz outlined the increased safety measures Minnesota will have in place starting today at 11:59 pm. The Minnesota Department of Health is asking individuals who travel out-of-state to quarantine for 14 days after returning to Minnesota. Even upon a negative test result, a student would still need to quarantine in their apartment to comply with the Minnesota Department of Health’s guidelines. If the quarantine period does not best meet your student’s needs, please don’t hesitate to email us and please update your response to the family options form

Early next week, we will be sending specific information to students and families based on the program delivery methods selected. For our students remaining home, you can expect specific information on navigating Google Classroom, virtual class expectations, and details on the post-winter break January testing requirement. For our students returning to campus, you can expect specific information on our on-campus structure, in-person and Google Classroom overview, and the details for the quarantine period for any students that traveled outside of the state during the break.  

All students and families will be receiving a copy of our updated College Preparedness Plan that outlines the extra safety measures including the quarantine process when a student has confirmed exposure, guest restrictions, cleaning guidelines, and additional Student Center protocols. 

Students returning post-Thanksgiving break should plan accordingly with your medical provider or in line with your state testing resources on when/how to test. We have had some families reach out to inform us that the testing systems are beginning to become backed up. We are prepared to support returns throughout the first week post-break so that students can get tests completed in the best timeframe guided by their medical provider or state.  

Our goal is to ensure everyone has the information they need to navigate this period and plan accordingly. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Sarah or me if you have any questions.  

Anna Hilfers  
Director of College Programs  
Sarah Arentson   
Director of Careers Programs