November 24, 2020 

Good Afternoon MICC Students and Families,  

As we promised in our last communication on November 20th, attached are the specific guidelines for the learning method your student has selected for the three weeks post-Thanksgiving break.

As we have been sharing we are putting in every precaution we can to have students return safely post travel. We have updated our Preparedness Plan to reflect our recent communications on increased visitor restrictions, increased safety by having all roommates in an apartment "household" placed in quarantine when there is possible exposure, and MICC's post travel required testing.

Thank you for your ongoing partnership is keeping our community safe.

We hope that everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Anna Hilfers  
Director of College Programs  
Sarah Arentson   
Director of Careers Programs  
Returning to Campus for In Person/Hybrid Model
If you have selected to return to campus from November 30- December 18. 

  1. Students must test negative for COVID-19 prior to returning to campus. Test results need to be emailed here: 
  2. If a student has not received a negative COVID-19 test result by November 30, they will participate in distance learning until they are able to submit their test result. Once test results are received, the student’s advisor will reach out to the student/family to schedule a return to campus time. 
  3. Students and families are responsible for obtaining medication refills prior to return. Students should return to campus with a filled pillbox.
  4. MICC is not allowing visitors during this time.  Visitors/family members will be asked to refrain from visiting their student or students going home during these three weeks. 
  5. If you need to pick up your student for any reason, they will not be allowed to return to campus and can participate in distance learning for the remainder of the semester. 

What you can expect from MICC Staff: 
  • Instructors will teach a combination of in-person and virtual courses 
  • Limited Student Center hours
  • Social activities and spaces will have a reduced number of participants, virtual offerings will increase, and MICC will only be offering on-campus activities 
  • Assistance in ordering groceries through Instacart 
  • Virtual Advisor and Job Developer check-ins with option of in-person in special circumstances 
  • Internet access through hotspots for virtual classes 
  • Increased symptom monitoring and temperature checks will occur upon return to campus 

What you can expect from the student: 
  • Participants are highly encouraged to minimize community contact and only go off-campus for essential errands
  • Participants will be encouraged to socialize with a reduced group of roommates and peers
  • Daily symptom monitoring
  • Wear a mask even in private social settings and wear a mask during times when unable to keep at least 6 feet between people who don’t live in the same household/apartment
  • Follow MICC's Preparedness Plan

How will my student know if their class is virtual or not? 
If a student has a question on if a class if virtual or not the first place they should check is their student calendar.  

By clicking on the calendar invite for a particular class they will be able to see the room assignment. If the course lists the room as “virtual” they should use the google link in the calendar to attend that course. If it lists a room (Like A, B, C/D) that course is in person. Classes may adjust week by week. Students should only reach out to instructors after they have checked their calendar.  
How you can help? 
  • Timely COVID-19 test after 11/26/2020 to receive results prior to returning to break 
  • MICC has supplied apartments with hotspots but due to the expanded use we will be experiencing during this period any additional resources are welcome. If your student or family has a hotspot, please send it back to campus with them if possible.   
  • If you experience connection problems during a class please ensure all devices are not connected to the apartment hotspot. 
  • The student should pack technology/chargers to participate in virtual learning.
  • Check in with your student via phone calls/emails/virtual meetings 

Reminder: Students will be required provide an additional negative test for COVID-19 prior to returning to campus post Winter Break on January 10, 2021. More information to come in future communications.
Virtual Learning
If distance learning option at home from November 30 – December 18.
  1. Virtual Learning will begin on Monday 11/30/2020 
  2. Each day, the students will log on to their assigned Google Meet courses. The classes will take place at the same day and time as they have been scheduled.
  3. Career Instructors will be connecting directly with their practicum students to share specific expectations of practicum class structure and assignments from home.  

What you can expect from the MICC Instructors: 
  • Students will receive College and Careers course instruction and assignments through Google Classroom
  • Students should login every day to check for updates from their instructor 
  • Instructors will post relevant supplemental materials to support students with instructional delivery of content, such as PowerPoint presentations, website links, worksheets, etc. 
  • Instructors will be available to answer questions during their office times and by appointment 

What you can expect from your student: 
  • Students should login to Google Classroom based off their class schedule  
  • Students will need to complete their required assignments and submit them as directed by their instructor 
  • Students should email their instructor if they have any questions 
  • Students should charge technology or keep plugged in during class 

How you can help? 
  • Ensure the student is logging into Google Classroom daily according to their class schedule 
  • Encourage your student to reach out to instructor if they have questions or concerns 

Reminder: Students will be required provide a negative test for COVID-19 prior to returning to campus post Winter Break on January 10, 2021. More information to come in future communications.
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