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Our Mission Statement:
The Presbytery of Middle Tennessee is a community of disciples 
that engages in worshipful work in order to further the mission of God.
The Presbytery office will be closed on Tuesday, July 4, 2017
in observance of Independence Day.
Prayers requested from the Guatemala Peten Covenant Committee (GPCC)
submitted by Kathy Corlew
The GPCC asks that prayers be uplifted for  Rumalda (an elder in the Xexan church of the Presbytery of Q'eqchi Peten and an integral part in the New Presbyterian Women's group there) and her husband, Pedro, as a dispute over a car accident between the two villages is still ongoing. Rumalda and Pedro are living apart for safety reasons. They have hired a lawyer and hope this issue will be resolved and they can be reunited and live in safety.

PMT's Committee on Leadership Excellence
"Mary Teaches Us How to Preach"
October 30, 2017
9:30 am - 2:00 pm
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Nashville, TN
Lunch will be provided

For more information regarding this seminar 
please click here.

First Presbyterian
Church in Franklin  has
a number of boxes of hymnals of  1990 that
they would like to give
away  to any interested party.  There are about
300 hymnals, plus a few Bibles.
If anyone is interested, please email
or call the church 

Committee on Preparation for Ministry
Tuesday, June 27 
4:00 pm
Presbytery office

Guatemala Peten Covenant Committee
Tuesday, June 27
6:30 pm
East Brentwood PC

Committee on Mutual Support 
Monday, July 10
10:00 am
Presbytery office

Committee on Church Transformation
Monday, July 10
5:00 pm
FPC Nashville

Tuesday, July 11
12:00 pm
Presbytery Office

Leadership Excellence Committee
Tuesday, July 11
1:00 pm
Trinity, Nashville

Committee on Ministry (COM)
Tuesday, July 11
4:00 pm
FPC Nashville
June 23, 2017
"What Do I Tell Him (Her) Now?"
by Warner Durnell, Executive Presbyter
There is a drill that parents of African American sons and daughters take their children through whenever they become old enough to drive a car or even ride in an automobile with friends. * The drill consists of actually taking them through a scenario whereby the car they are in gets pulled over by the police.  The script may be slightly different from household to household, but the substance is the same, "When you get pulled over by the police, be respectful, compliant and cooperative.  It can save your life." 
On Friday, June 16th, a St. Paul, Minnesota, jury acquitted former police officer Jeronimo Yanez of criminal conduct in the shooting death of a black motorist, Philando Castile, back in July of 2016.   On Tuesday audio-video footage of this shooting from the police car's dashboard camera was released to the public.  It showed Officer Yanez and another police officer approaching on foot the now parked car.  Philando Castile, a 32-year-old elementary school cafeteria supervisor, is seated in the car, along with his girlfriend and her four-year-old child.  It's broad daylight and allegedly the car is stopped because of a broken taillight [Office Yanez later testified that he pulled the car over because he thought one of the occupants, Philando, matched the description of someone involved in an armed robbery earlier.]...read more.

July 22, 2017
130th Stated Presbytery Meeting
East Brentwood Presbyterian Church
9000 Concord Road
Brentwood, TN 37027

The next Presbytery meeting will be hosted by East Brentwood Presbyterian
Church in Brentwood, TN.  The preacher  for the worship service will be the Rev. Jane Herring of Normandy PC and Belfast PC.  

  Online registration is available now and the July packet will be sent out to all churches, registered commissioners and put on the PMT website no later than July 13, 2017.  If childcare is needed (infants - 7 years), please call East Brentwood PC at 615-370-4227 no later than July 14th.

Bread for the World's 2017 Offering of Letters campaign urges Congress to invest in and protect vital policies and safety-net programs.

Step 1 :  People in thousands of churches and faith communities across the U.S. write letters to their members of Congress, urging their support of programs that end hunger and poverty.

Step 2 :  Congress determines funding and policy for U.S. government programs that address hunger and poverty.
Step 3 :  The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the main agency in the federal government responsible for humanitarian aid overseas, operates programs across the globe.

Step 4 :  Partners of USAID, including church-related agencies, implement the work on the ground.

Step 5 :  Hungry people living in poverty get the help they need and take life-changing action.  Join, pray, act.  Y our participation in this year's  Offering of Letters helps bring an end to hunger.

JULY 6-8, 2017
Join Presbyterians from around the country at the beautiful campus of Washington University in St. Louis, MO, July 6 -8th. The theme, "Race, Reconciliation, Reformation," will emphasize the hope of the Gospel and its power to transform society in our current cultural context, marked by anxiety, racial division, political animosity, and economic inequality. Through dialogue, workshops, exhibits, and engagement with one another, participants will engage the Church in its mission of justice-making and peace. Registration is open until June 23, 2017.   Click here for registration info.

First Presbyterian Church
First Friends - Older Adult Ministry
The Ark Encounter & Creation Museum Trip
September 11-15, 2017
First Friends is FPC Nashville's vibrant ministry for older adults. Activities planned target almost retired, just retired, and considerably retired members and friends.

One of their next events is a trip to visit 
The Ark Encounter & Creation Museum in Kentucky, September 11, 15, 2017. 
If you are interested in this event and would like to get more information, click here for flyer or contact Brenda Geise @ 615-298-9515.
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