September Newsletter

Sonavex showcasing at 2014 Entrepreneur Expo
MII Fuels Launch of Successful Startups

TEDCO  announced today its Maryland Innovation Initiative (MII) program has awarded $18 million to more than 180 commercialization projects and 45 start-up companies since its inception in late 2012. 

MII-funded start-up companies have been successful in getting follow-on funding - totaling $21 million from federal funds, angel investors and venture capital firms. Some of the latest examples include;
  • Longeviti - developer of CAD/CAM, laser, and robotic technology, licensed from Johns Hopkins University,  to assist in craniofacial surgery.  The company closed a $2 million Series A in July 2016 and attracted executives from a Fortune 500 company.
  • MF Fire - developer of the Catalyst Stove, the first ultra-clean wood stove - emitting less smoke than a single cigarette, licensed from University of Maryland, College Park. The company recently raised $185,000 through the SEC's new regulated CrowdFunding provision.
  • Sonavex - developer of the EchoSure/EchoMark system, licensed from Johns Hopkins University that detects clots during surgeries earlier and more reliably than existing modalities. The company received more than $1 million from TEDCO's Life Sciences Investment Fund and NSF, and currently is raising a Series A round.
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"Best networking event of the year.  A Who's Who of technology leaders in the state."
  2015 Entrepreneur Expo Attendee

Bringing Maryland's entrepreneurial resources together at one place at one time! Your day at Entrepreneur Expo will be packed with:
  • Interactive sessions with industry experts,
  • Fireside chats with inspiring entrepreneurs,
  • Pitch opportunities to regions well known Angel groups,
  • Speed-dating with mentors
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TEDCO Workshop: Preparing Effective Financial Projections
University of Baltimore

This 2 hour workshop is intended to illustrate the importance of financial projections and to help make entrepreneurs more comfortable with their preparation. 
It will consist of two parts: 1) a presentation describing a financial projection preparation "roadmap", and 2) a case study intended to illustrate the process.  Register
Deadlines for Startups

TCF/CIF New Application Process Launching on November 1st!
  • No application deadlines!
  • An Executive Summary will initiate the application process.
  • More feedback and coaching.
  • Shorter formal application with simpler requirements.
  • $100,000 awards will be delivered in two tranches rather than four.
Hang in There! More details to follow.