January Updates & Deals
Great things never came from comfort zones. 
Heads up! We will be photographing a handful of classes on Saturday February 1st; each will be designated in the class name. Each respective class structure, format, and intensity level remain the same as always. The photographer will be as unobtrusive as possible, and will only be present for a short portion of the class.
Our Personal Training Deals End on Friday!
Start 2020 on the right track!
We’re here to help! Right now you can purchase a discounted 20 pack and we’ll include a  21-day Nutrition Journey  for FREE!
Try-A-Trainer - a new MINT offering for the new year!
Are you a first time MINT Trainee and don't know where to start? Right now you can purchase 6 sessions or $399 ! You can use all sessions with one trainer or try different trainers with the same package. Limit one per person. Sessions expire in 90 days.
Get to know barre instructor Bretton Keating . Bretton grew up with a love of movement, particularly through dance. In her yoga and barre classes, she uses creative sequencing and an intuitive approach to encourage students to listen to their bodies, grow stronger, and enhance their potential to move with greater freedom and ease. She practices Mysore-style Ashtanga, and dances ballet, modern, and jazz as often as possible. Join Bretton every Tuesday for MINT barre at 7pm!
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Community Partner
Our community partner of the month is District Rolfing . Want to feel better in your body, relieve chronic tension or pain, reach the next level in yoga or sports, or enhance your posture and physical presentation? District Rolfing can hel p! MINT has no vested interest related to this partner or promotion.
Did You Know?
IMPORTANT CLASS UPDATE : Starting Saturday, February 1st we will be updating our class cancelation policy for certain classes only that continue to be waitlisted. This change is being made to help better serve our members who consistently are unable to get into the classes they desire. Any class with [SELECT] in the name will change from a 2 hour cancellation policy to an 8 hour cancellation policy on 2/1/2020. Please note that these specific classes continue to have more lenient cancellation policy than the 12-hour third party window.
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