MIP Fund Accounting Newsletter                                              June 2017

Importing Data Into MIP Fund Accounting
Bringing data electronically into your accounting system can save valuable time, as well as help assure accuracy of the information itself.  This process typically falls into one of two categories.

Data Imports - one time information being transferred from your existing accounting system or an electronic worksheet.  Among other things, this might include vendor & customer lists, fixed asset records, and employee demographic information.   View a detailed list of information that can be imported into MIP.

Data Interface - recurring information imported into MIP from another software program.  Common examples are third party payroll systems, clinical billing applications, and donor management software.    View more information about interfacing applications with MIP.  

Top Reasons Your Organization Should Be Using MIP's Integrated Payroll Solution
  1. Easily Allocate Labor Costs - record hours worked in each program and department during timesheet entry so your costs are accurately distributed in the general ledger.
  2. Powerful Nonprofit Reporting Options - including labor distribution reports, leave balance reports, and the ability to electronically distribute pay stubs.
  3. Save Time with Timesheet Templates - timesheet templates are stored to simplify detailing payroll codes for each employee.  Your nonprofit payroll can be processed directly from the template information or used as a starting point for current timesheet entry.
  4. Design an Unlimited Number of Payroll Codes - to meet the needs of your organization, including earnings, benefits, deductions and more.
  5. MIP Stays Up to Date on Tax Rates - so you don't have to.  Stay fully tax compliant with paper and eFiling options for both State and Federal forms.
  6. Fully Integrated with Other MIP Modules - including direct deposit, bank reconciliation, forms designer, import/export and HR module.

If you have questions or would like a demonstration of MIP's payroll module, contact John Haney at jhaney@dwdtechgroup.com or (260) 423-2414.

Think Before You Click - Avoiding Ransomware
Most of you are aware of the massive ransomware attacks that happened recently across the globe. 
We wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone to be diligent in managing their email.  You may be doing everything you can to protect your network, but unfortunately one of the key ways to get infected is something for which you have little control:  users clicking things in emails.
If you're not expecting an email from someone, don't open it and don't reply.  There could be an attachment or embedded link that's infected.  Call the person and ask if they sent the email.
Even if a message is from someone who normally sends you emails, be leery of requests to click links or to send confidential information.
As always, if you think you opened, replied or clicked on something you shouldn't have, notify your technical support right away!
Here are a few educational Ransomware blog articles:
If you have questions or need assistance with ransomware issues, please contact Pete Amborn, Network Manager at 260.423.2414.
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