MIP Fund Accounting Newsletter                                               April 2017

Abila MIP Fund Accounting Version 2017.2 - Coming Soon!

Abila MIP™ v2017.2 is planned for release at the end of April to users with an active maintenance and support plan. 

Finance and accounting professionals need ongoing visibilty of their organizations finances throughout the year.  In this new release, Abila as expanded the DrillPoint reporting capabilities and have made key performance improvements across Abila MIP.


Learn more about the new features in Abila MIP v2017.2.


You will need a current Abila MIP maintenance and support plan as well as login access to the Knowledgebase to download the 2017.2 update.


HR Automation Streamlines & Simplifies HR Processes
You will get time back in your day using HR tools that enable employees to access their information including pay stubs, time off, current benefits, certifications and more! 
Abila's HR Management suite also delivers reporting tools and analytics, saving you more time by providing key information at your fingertips. 
Download the  10 HR Processes to Automate Guide to learn how your organization can benefit from HR automation.

Abila MIP User Group Meetings - Register Today!

We'll be covering some great topics at our spring Abila MIP™ user group meetings.  Don't miss out - Register now!



Auto-Reversing and Invoice After Voiding a Check - Voiding a check and eliminating the associated invoice from MIP has never been an easy task in MIP.  That is - until now.


Finally, a Real Trial Balance - If you've ever tried to generate an MIP trial balance with more than one of your chart segments, you were probably disappointed to see the stair-step report.  Not anymore.


10 Tips in 10 Minutes - we'll share 10 tips that will make your life easier as you navigate through MIP.


To See, or Not to See - That is the Question - What if your managers could answer their own questions about numbers flowing through their departmental financial statements?  They can.


MIP Round Table - ask questions, offer suggestions and share ideas with fellow Abila MIP software users.



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