MIP Fund Accounting Newsletter                                           August 2016



Fall MIP User Group Meetings

We'll be covering some great topics during the fall user group meetings.  Don't miss the opportunity to meet with fellow MIP software users, brainstorm with DWD's technology experts and learn some fantastic software tips.
Discussion Topics
  • MIP & Excel (BFFs) - Take your skills up a notch by analyzing MIP data in Excel.  We'll demonstrate how to have Excel read the MIP database and generate reports, graphs, and pivot tables in Excel.
  • Data Entry Tips and Tricks - Whether you're new to MIP or have been using the system for years, you'll be sure to learn something in this session.  We'll cover how to quickly look something up in MIP, customize your workstation settings and screens for efficiency, and use hotkeys.  We'll also show you the different ways to enter budget adjustments.
  • Are You an MIP Hoarder or Scared of Becoming One? - Come learn ways to clear out some of the "junk" that accumulates over time.  We'll also teach best practices to keep MIP running quickly and smoothly.
  • MIP Round Table - Take advantage of this time to ask questions, offer suggestions and share ideas with fellow MIP Fund Accounting users.
7 Benefits of HR Automation for Nonprofits
Nonprofits are known for their ingenuity and Abila supports them more than ever with MIP Fund Accounting and its complementary HR Management Suite.
Gone are the days of duplicate entry and running your organization on multiple systems.  Now you can get more done for your HR and Financial operations through one single integrated accounting system and HR solution.

Ready to learn more?  Download the "7 Benefits of HR Automation for Nonprofits" brochure.  

Why are Businesses Flocking to Microsoft Office 365?
Microsoft Office has been the standard in most businesses, but many are taking note of the additional features of Office 365.
With more and more businesses using mobile devices or allowing employees to use their own mobile device, Office 365 lets your team work anytime from anywhere.
About DWD Nonprofit Services
Since 1995, DWD has been helping nonprofit and government agencies evaluate, select and implement fund accounting, fundraising, payroll and human resource solutions which meet their unique needs.  With over 165 MIP Fund Accounting clients, DWD has demonstrated its longstanding commitment to the nonprofit community. 
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