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  June 2016   

Did You Know?
DWD's MIP Software Tip Vault contains step by step instructions on the most frequently asked MIP questions.


MIP Database Modifications 
Maintaining database accuracy is a crucial part of keeping your nonprofit running smoothly.

When an organization needs to add a segment to their Chart of Accounts, change their fiscal year-end or consolidate databases, they will also need to change their record keeping procedures to keep their organization running smoothly.

Luckily database modifications can be made to MIP to retroactively apply changes or meet future requirements.

If you have questions or would like to discuss specific database modifications, please contact Adam Westgerdes at 260-423-2414 or

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Top Reasons Your Organization Should Be Using MIP's Integrated Payroll Solution
This powerful tool makes nonprofit payroll processing easy!
  1. Easily Allocate Labor Costs - record hours worked in each program and department during timesheet entry so your costs are accurately distributed in the general ledger.
  2. Powerful Nonprofit Reporting Options - including labor distribution reports, leave balance reports, and the ability to electronically distribute pay stubs.
  3. Save Time with Timesheet Templates - timesheet templates are stored to simplify detailing payroll codes for each employee.  Your nonprofit payroll can be processed directly from the template information or used as a starting point for current timesheet entry.
  4. Design an Unlimited Number of Payroll Codes - to meet the needs of your organization, including earnings, benefits, deductions and more.
  5. MIP Stays Up to Date on Tax Rates - so you don't have to.  Stay fully tax compliant with paper and eFiling options for both State and Federal forms.
  6. Fully Integrated with Other MIP Modules - including direct deposit, bank reconciliation, forms designer, import/export and the HR module.
If you have questions or would like a demonstration of MIP's payroll module, contact John Haney at 260-423-2414 or

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Why Is My Computer Running Sooo Slow?
We've all suffered the pain of a slow, unresponsive computer.  Some of us yell, some complain to co-workers, others take steps to fix it. 

As time goes by, all computers begin to slow down.  At some point you gain enough time during the boot up process to walk to the break room for a cup of coffee before your computer has finished loading its programs.  Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do.

Learn what you can do to speed up your computer.