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  October 2015   

Did You Know?
DWD's MIP Software Tip Vault contains step by step instructions on the most frequently asked MIP questions.

What's New in MIP Fund Accounting Version 2015.2? 
The latest version of MIP was released on July 27th.   

I f you've been using MIP for any time, you'll notice one big change with the latest release - the consolidated interface and new menus.  Learn about all the additional new features in MIP v2015.2.
Improved Usability 
  • Consolidation of Payroll, Administration, Accounting and Requisitions modules into one, easily accessible MIP icon helps you save time when entering transactions or searching for data.
  • The ability to customize and save your organization's HR reports for future reference helps you easily produce frequently used reports.
Expanded Integration Capabilities 
  • A new Application Programming Interface (API) provides you with the ability to send and retrieve information from other systems without the need for manual entry or even importing or exporting data manually, reducing the potential for error and eliminating time-intensive data processes.
  • Overview of New Features
  • Download Link for the Upgrade
  • Installation Instructions
  • Link to Resolved Issues List 
You will need a current Abila Maintenance and Support plan as well as login access to the Knowledgebase to download the update.
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Do You Know Of Another Organization That Is Struggling With Their Accounting Software?
We would be honored to have the opportunity to assist them.

One of the most appreciated things our clients do is recommend DWD to their friends and peers at other organizations.

If you know of another organization that is struggling with their financial management system, we would love the opportunity to talk with them.

As an added benefit, if they become an MIP client, you'll be headed to a nice dinner compliments of DWD.

If you know of an organization you'd like to refer, please contact John Haney at or 800.232.8913.   
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The Perfect Password Policy
While there is no perfect password policy that applies to all organizations, there are a few basics that pertain to everyone.  

A state-of-the-art security system won't much matter if a hacker gets a hold of an employee's password.  Smart password practices require next to no budget and require little time to setup and manage. 

If your organization has overlooked setting up a password policy, now is the time to put one in place.