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Here at Home of Hope, child sponsorship is a huge part of what we do, BUT we have many projects on the go! Click one to find out more:

Animal Project Feeding Project
Dream Centre Project
Medical Project
Stella Project
Microloan Project
Tumaini Project School Project
Pregnant Mothers Project

Miracle Babies
We are CELEBRATING our Miracle Babies!
All under the age of 22 each one of these women became pregnant through rape or desperate prostitution. Being young, alone and scared, each young women thought abortion was their only option as they could hardly afford to provide for themselves, let alone a baby. They ALL saw our sign saying "Don't Throw Away Your Baby" and called us for help! Each women was a part of our Pregnant Mothers Ministry, and today we celebrate them! Now 12 babies are ALIVE because their mothers chose life! They are beautiful, happy and healthy and they have ALL been sponsored! [Read more...]

Baby Ramsey
Baby Raphael

Kenya Dream Centre If you would like to help with the present challenge with the Kenya Dream Centre, please hit reply.
Orphan family From orphans to family
This is Francklin, Rahab, Peter and Joseph. Each of them came to the Dream Centre with a story of abuse, neglect and rejection. 
Now, they are a family! They are joyful, caring, loving and growing up into strong and powerful young men and women! They are getting ready to move out of the Dream Centre into their own small family unit where they can have more personalized care, and grow up as a closer family. We are SO excited for them. If you would like to contribute to making their new house a home, click below!

YOU (yes, you!)
 can change the world 
for someone else.