Issue: #17
November 30, 2018

Dear Panther Parents,
Last day of November...how did that happen?  Time is a-flyin'!!  Progress period ends today and grades will be viewable late Tuesday or early Wednesday.  Please make sure you are encouraging your kiddo to come to tutorials if their grades are not meeting your standard.
Last night's Orchestra concert was amazing!!  It was a packed house...thank you for your support and for coming out to encourage our wonderful Panthers.  They truly are talented.
Basketball season is in full swing.  Come out and support our Panthers on Monday and Thursday nights. 
Our annual SPELLING BEE is Tuesday, December 4th.  Please encourage your student to participate.  Check-in is at 5:30 and the bee begins at 6:00.  Can't wait to see these brave kiddos show their knowledge.
Have a wonderful weekend...it is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL!
Happy  Friday,

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      EVANS EVENTS     
Dec. 3rd          Boys Basketball vs. Johnson MS
Dec. 5th          GT Parent Meeting  11:30-12:30
Dec. 6th          Girls Basketball vs. Johnson MS
Dec. 7th          Theatre II Performance   7pm
Dec. 8th           MISD Basketball "B" Team Invitational
Dec. 10-14       College Week
Dec. 10th         College Shirt Day
Dec. 10th         Boys Basketball vs. Prosper Rogers   5pm
Dec. 11th         Student Council Meeting   8:15
Dec. 11th         Choir Winter Trip
Dec. 11th         Dress for Success Day
Dec. 11th         Choir Winter Concert & MBHS   6pm
Dec. 12th         Wear Bright Colors For a Bright Future
Dec. 12th         Band Winter Concert
Dec. 13th         Hats Off to College!  Wear a Hat Day
Dec. 13th         Girls Basketball vs. Prosper Rogers   5pm
Dec. 14th         MISD Goes to College!  Wear an MISD Shirt
Dec. 14th          Spirit Wear Sold During Lunches
Dec. 14th          Collin County Hoopfest   5pm
Dec. 17th          Orchestra Social
Dec. 17th          Boys Basketball vs. Highland Park   5pm
Dec. 18th          Orchestra; Merry Bassmas @ MBHS  5pm
Dec. 18th          Avid Family Night   6pm
Dec. 20th          Girls Basketball vs. Highland Park   5pm
Dec. 24-Jan. 4  Winter Break
Jan. 7th            Staff Workday/Student Holiday
Jan. 9th            Boys Basketball vs. Faubion   5pm
Jan. 10th          Girls Basketball vs. Faubion   5pm
Jan. 11th          UIL Invitational Meet @ Cockrill MS
Click HERE for a complete Calendar of Events with information about times and venues.
*Go to http://www.evansms.com/ to view the school website and to sign up for the weekly eNewsletter.

Progress Report & Report Card Dates
*Progress Reports and Report Cards can be viewed and printed from the  Home Access Center (HAC) and will not be mailed or sent home with students. This is in an effort to be more earth-friendly. If you are unable to access HAC, please let the AP secretary know and we will send home a paper copy with your student.
December 4                   IPRs viewable on HAC
December 21                 Q2RC
January 28                     IPR
February 15                   IPR
March 8                         Q3RC
April 5                           IPR
April 26                         IPR
May 30                          Q4RC

Note:  IPR and RC viewing may not be available until several days after the grading period ends.
      THEATRE II PRESENTS......     
      COINS FOR COATS     
      EVANS PTO     

Evans Spelling Bee!   
December 4th, 2018 
It's B-E-E time!  Encourage your student to take part!
W e will host the Evans Spelling Bee in the Evans Cafeteria on Tuesday, December 4th at 6:00 pm. 
Have your students see Mrs. Gilbert in room D207 to get a list of the words to be used in the Bee and to sign up. 
There's a trophy for our 1st place winner and medals for 2nd & 3rd.  Our 1st place Champion will go on  
to represent Evans in the District Bee....all the way up to National's in Washington DC!  
Wrapping Paper
Please sign up to help out if you can with wrapping gifts for the Evans staff.
Please signup to help with bringing a sweet treat or drink for Evans staff. 

 Stephanie Corwin
 Publications & Asst. Concessions
Q:  Why are you on the PTO Board?
A:  I enjoy being on the board as it keeps me more in tune with what's going on at school. I also enjoy the great company of the other lovely ladies on the board.  I also love what the PTO does for the school and staff and I'm happy to be a part of that.

I have a 17 year old daughter, Katelyn at Boyd.  A son Braden who is 12, here at Evans.
My husband is Steve and we own McKinney Roofing (Mckinneyroofing.NET)
When I'm not helping with the business.  I  volunteer at Boyd school store, McKinney Senior Center, Hugs Cafe, Texas Little Cuties, Brookdale, Chestnut Square, Smiles Charity event, Journey of Hope, McKinney Moms Club, and Co-Leader for Girl Scout Troop.
Interesting things about me:
My husband and I went up in a hot air balloon and when we were coming down to land our balloon got caught up in a tree.  I must say that was an interesting and scary way to land. Would I go up in a hot air balloon again?  I would have to say probably not.  I used to work with people with severe mental illness.  I also used to configure company fleet vehicles on the computer.  I've been volunteering at the Senior Center for almost 10 years.  I love roller coasters, the higher up, the faster, the better.  I am a collector of  Santa's, or so I think because I have a lot on my tree and the surrounding area.  I am privileged to still be  very close  with friends from elementary and junior high.

Want to help your school when you shop online? When you shop through Amazon Smile, Evans Middle School PTO will receive 0.5% of most purchases to fund programs, events, and grants at our school. To get started, designate Evans PTO as your charitable organization by going to https://smile.amazon.com/ch/57-1206927. Then every time you shop, start at smile.amazon.com and our school will benefit (at no cost to you!). Please share this with friends. Thanks for your support! 

Spirit wear will be sold during lunch on 11/16.  It's a great time to buy your child an Evans  hoodie or long sleeve shirt  for these cooler temps. 

December 14
January 18
February 21 (at 6th grade registration meeting)
May 10 
Julie Luton
President, Evans PTO
      LION LOGIC     
For those of you who may have missed the parent presentation for high school parents regarding registering for 9th grade, please click here to access the power point.
High School Showcase Nights (clubs and organizations and teachers are on hand to answer questions)
Monday, January 14 MNHS  6- 8:15; 8th grade meeting 6-7
Wednesday, January 16 MBHS  6-7:30; 8th grade meeting 6:45
Thursday, January 17 MHS  5:30- 7:30; 8th grade meeting 6:30; weighted course meeting 5:45-6:15
*We will publish more dates at a later time
Please put this information on your calendars!
Errin French
Counselor, Students with last names L-Z
Remember that we have a college and career portal called Naviance for all McKinney ISD students grade 6-12. The new link is on the Evans homepage or can be found here:
The user id and password are s and student ID number.


Lucy Callahan was struck by lightning. She doesn't remember it, but it changed her life forever. The zap gave her genius-level math skills, and ever since, Lucy has been homeschooled. Now, at 12 years old, she's technically ready for college. She just has to pass 1 more test--middle school!
Lucy's grandma insists: Go to middle school for 1 year. Make 1 friend. Join 1 activity. And read 1 book (that's not a math textbook!). Lucy's not sure what a girl who does calculus homework for fun can possibly learn in 7th grade. She has everything she needs at home, where nobody can make fun of her rigid routines or her superpowered brain. The equation of Lucy's life has already been solved. Unless there's been a miscalculation?
A celebration of friendship, Stacy McAnulty's smart and thoughtful middle-grade debut reminds us all to get out of our comfort zones and embrace what makes us different.


Kelli Bolin
Media Resource Specialist
The State of Texas changed the spinal screening guidelines this year to consider the most recent, nationally-accepted, peer-reviewed recommendations for the appropriate age to conduct mandatory spinal screening.
In compliance with Health and Safety Code, Chapter 37, all children shall undergo screening for abnormal spinal curvature in accordance with the following schedule:  
Girls will be screened two times, once at age 10 and again at age 12. (regardless of grade level)  Boys will be screened one time at age 13 or 14. (regardless of grade level)
In McKinney ISD, we will consider a student to be 10, 12 or 13 if the student is already this age or turns this age between May 1, 2018 and April 30, 2019.
The procedure for screening is simple. Your child will be examined while he/she stands and then leans forward, observed from the front, back, and side. For this examination, boys and girls will be screened separately. Boys will wear their pants or gym shorts and only remove their shirts.  Girls will need to wear a halter-top, sports bra or a two-piece swimsuit with pants, shorts, or skirt

El estado de Texas ha cambiado las normas del examen de la columna vertebral este año para considerar las recomendaciones más recientes, aceptadas a nivel nacional, revisadas por pares para considerar la edad apropiada para el examen obligatorio de la columna vertebral. 
Conforme al Código De Salud Y Seguridad, capítulo 37, todos los niños deberán someterse a un examen de la columna vertebral anormal de acuerdo con el siguiente horario: 
Las niñas serán examinadas dos veces, a la edad de 10 años y de nuevo a los 12 años. (no importa el grado escolar de su hijo/a)   Los niños serán examinados una sola vez ya sea los 13 o 14 años (no importa el grado escolar de su hijo/a) 
El distrito escolar de McKinney, considerara a los estudiantes de 10,12 o 13 años si el estudiante tiene o cumple esta edad entre Mayo 1, 2018 y Abril 30,2019. 
El procedimiento para el examen es muy sencillo. Su hijo/a será observada mientras él o ella está de pie y cuando se incline hacia adelante. Para este examen, los niños y las niñas serán examinados por separado. Los niños llevarán pantalones o pantalones cortos y solo se quitarán su camisa.  Las niñas deberán usar una blusa halter-top, sostén deportivo o el sostén de un de traje de baño de dos piezas con una falda, pantalón o short.
HEALTH CONCERN? If you are a parent of a student with a health concern, please make sure you complete the health history form, and also contact me in the clinic directly! Thank you for updating this vital information every year.

MEDICATION AT SCHOOL: Please keep in mind that MISD has a No Tolerance policy regarding medication possession. Students are not to carry medication of any kind at anytime (except inhalers/epi-pens with specific written MD and parental consent). All medications administered at school must be brought to the clinic by the parent or guardian, stored in the clinic and the MISD medication administration form completed.
*All medications are to be stored in the nurse's office with the exception of certain prescribed inhalers for the treatment of asthma.
*All medications must be stored in the school clinic in the original container clearly labeled with the student's name.
*All prescription and non-prescription medications taken during the school day must have a corresponding MISD Medication Form signed by the parent. Prescription medication will also need a doctor signature.
Lost Glasses - will be turned into the clinic and kept here. If your student ever loses their glasses remind them to check here.

Thank you!
Nancy Yarbrough BSN, RN
Evans Middle School Nurse

McKinney ISD Has Increased Substitute Daily Pay Rates
Effective November 12, 2018 daily pay rates for substitutes:
  • $110 - Certified teacher from any state
  • $100 - Bachelor's degree or higher
  • $75 - High school diploma or equivalent
Substitute applications are still being accepted for the 2018-2019 school year. Visit the McKinney ISD website for more details.   https://www.mckinneyisd.net/human-resources/employment/substitute-opportunities/.  Come join the MISD family!


Click here for the athletics website
Basketball Parent Meeting on November 26th at 6pm in the Evans gyms.
Evans Middle School will be participating in the Scripps National Spelling Bee once again.
  • One smart speller will represent Evans at the District level.   
    MISD District Spelling Bee will BEE on:           TBD  
    The word lists are available available in ELAR classes, and the school offices. You will have lots of time to study!  
    Students will qualify for the Spelling Bee Evening Event by attending ONE of the Spelling Bee Workshops and will sign up to attend the Evans Bee.   
    The 1st 2 workshops will review Rules and best practices for participating in a Spelling Bee.  
  • During these workshops, we will have a Mock Spelling Bee:  
  • Students can contact Mrs. Gilbert , in D207, to arrange an alternate Workshop date if they cannot attend a scheduled Workshop.
  • Spelling Bee Competition
    Tuesday, December 4th
      Tuesday, December 4th, we will host the Spelling Bee in the Evans Cafeteria. Students will need to arrive in the cafeteria at 5:30pm.
    We will begin the Bee at 6:00pm and will go until we have one winner.  
    For questions, please contact: Lea Ann Palya-PTO coordinator lpalya@mckinneyisd.net  or
Lonea Gilbert- Teacher coordinator lgilbert@mckinneyisd.net
We are so lucky to have so many wonderful volunteers who make it possible for us to make our school the very best it can be!  Please remember that if you are a returning volunteer, or maybe a first time MISD volunteer, that you must go online to fill out a Volunteer Application and be approved before you can serve in any capacity where you will have contact with students.  Sometimes this takes a couple of weeks, so please do it as soon as possible!  We need you!!!
Click HERE to go directly to the link.
Thank you so very much!  We look forward to having you on our campus!
Volunteer applications may take up to two weeks to be processed.
If after two weeks you have not been contacted regarding your volunteer status, please contact MISD Human Resources at 469-302-4117. DO NOT contact staff members at schools regarding your volunteer application. Your application is a confidential matter.
Once you are approved, you will be able to volunteer in the district throughout the school year.

Dear Parents: This is the time of year where we begin recruiting students who would like to enter the Academic UIL Contest. UIL stands for University Interscholastic League, an organization that governs all athletic and academic contests in the state of Texas. UIL academic programs are designed to support basic curriculum and allow the students to apply what they learn in the classroom. Students do this by selecting a contest(s) to enter, spend a couple of months practicing the concepts weekly under the supervision of a teacher/coach (before or after school), and then compete at two meets. The first will be at Cockrill MS on Jan. 11-12. The district meet will be Feb. 26, 28, and March 2 at Faubion MS. Buses will be provided to transport students. We will celebrate with a discounted trip to Six Flags on a school day in May!
Students have already had an opportunity to sign up online, but if your student has not, and they still want to join, they may do so ASAP at www.bit.ly/evansuil .
Below is a list of the available events and the coach's contact information:
ART - Mrs.Lanier tlanier@mckinneyisd.net
The contest requires the contestant to identify the names of artists and titles of pictures as well as know art history and art elements.
Chess Puzzles - Mr. Perez      mperez@mckinneyisd.net
Contestants in a chess puzzle contest receive a paper-and-pencil test that includes a series of chess boards with pieces in particular positions.  Questions are based on analysis of material or possible moves in each given diagram.
Listening - Ms. C.Jackson   cjackson@mckinneyisd.net
Members will be listening to various types of passages and they will complete a test based on what they have heard from a 7 to 10 minute story. You can use your notes to take a 25 question test.
Oral Reading - Mr. Perez    mperez@mckinneyisd.net
This competition allows students to unleash their inner performer by reading literature out loud In practice, students will learn to grow and develop their character and communicate a message to an audience by performing and reading their selected script.
Editorial Writing - Mrs. Weller  cweller@mckinneyisd.net
Designed to develop the persuasive writing skills of students
Students must persuade the reader with their point of view from a chosen prompt
In both practice and competition, contestants will select a prompt and advocate their point of view in 45 minutes.
Modern Oratory - Ms. Stephens  amstephens@mckinneyisd.net
Designed by having them select a topic, acknowledge both pros and cons with support, and campaign their position. In competition, students will recite their memorized speech in 3 to 6 minutes in a preliminary round, then a final round if they advance.
Impromptu Speaking - Ms. Stephens  amstephens@mckinneyisd.net
Opportunity for students to evaluate speeches, organize ideas, and develop self-confidence by delivering speeches on a variety of topics. 
Dictionary Skills - Ms. C. Jackson   cjackson@mckinneyisd.net
Designed to increase a student's ability to use a dictionary efficiently to find required information. In competition, contestants will take a test of 40 questions based on various subjects using a dictionary. This includes word origins and information from the dictionary's diagrams.
Music Memory - Mrs. Stoner  kstoner@mckinneyisd.net
Students will listen to approximately 20 seconds of up to 20 musical selections and identify the name of the major work, selection and the name of the composer .
Spelling - Ms. Harp   tharp@mckinneyisd.net
Designed to further the spelling and vocabulary skills of students through tests.
In competition, contestants will write down words given by the pronouncer.
Ready writing - Ms. A. Boykin  aboykin@mckinneyisd.net
Helps students refine their writing skills and build upon learned writing abilities.
Students must choose between 2 prompts, decide their method based on the purpose, audience, etc., and write their selection in 2 hours.
Maps, Graphs, and Charts - Coach Armstrong  jarmstrong@mckinneyisd.net
Designed to help students extract information from a variety of maps, graphs, and charts.
In practice, students will use their atlases in order to answer questions and develop skills such as using scales and legends.
Social Studies - Coach Estes   restes@mckinneyisd.net
Test topics defined by yearly-updated study outline 40 questions in 30 minutes Test content taken from state-adopted text books and identified primary sources
Science - Coach Bradham   kbradham@mckinneyisd.net
Designed to test students' knowledge of science. Subjects include: matter, ecology, genetics, and space. In competition, contestants will take a 35 question test based on scientific curriculum
  Calculator Applications - Coach Corcoran  mcorcoran@mckinneyisd.net
Designed to stimulate the development of mathematical and calculator skills. In competition, participants will take a test with 80 problems in 30 minutes. The test may include: addition, roots, geometric problems, & powers.

Mathematics - Ms. Mann   jamann@mckinneyisd.net
Students learn to further their mathematical skills that may help them in their future careers Tests include, but not limited to: numeration systems, probability, integers, fractions, etc.
Number Sense - Mrs. Williams   cwilliams@mckinneyisd.net
Designed to develop students' capability to make quick mental math calculations. In practice, students will learn how to mentally compute various concepts including: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and proportions.
NJHS has a new website. Please go take a look and see when the next meeting is, what projects we are working on and more.
Any questions, please email Amber Stephens at amstephens@mckinneyisd.net

Meeting Dates:


Dec. 13

Jan. 17

Feb. 14

Mar. 21

Apr. 11

May 9


Meetings are from 8:15-8:45 in Learning Commons.      

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

We are a student led group of athletes and non-athletes who enjoy getting together each week for a time of fellowship and a quick devotional. We meet each Tuesday at 8:15am in room D119. Please come join us.

Camille Williams cwilliams@mckinneyisd.net
Valarie Long valong@mckinneyisd.net
Chandler Jackson cjackson@mckinneyisd.net
Coach Estes restes@mckinneyisd.net
      6th GRADE THEATRE          CLUB     
Any 6th grader interested in theatre is welcome to join 6th grade theatre club! It meets Mondays from 8:00-8:30 in Mrs. Ebs room C114. We'll play theatre games, work on characterization and learn a lot about the world of theatre. At the end of the year we'll perform a play! Please enter through the rear cafeteria doors from 7:50-8:00.
Jeni Eberhard
Evans Theatre Director
Click HERE for a printable lunch menu
Click HERE for a printable breakfast menu
To set up a lunch account to get low balance notifications and pre-pay for lunches, click HERE.
      SCHOOL SAFETY     
A critical ingredient in the safe school recipe is the uniform classroom response to any incident. Weather events, fires, accidents, intruders and other threats to student safety are scenarios that are planned and trained for by all McKinney ISD schools and District Administration and staff. Historically, schools have taken this scenario-based approach to respond to hazards and threats. Each McKinney ISD classroom is furnished with the Standard Response Protocol poster that provides teachers with readily accessible response procedures and provides information during a crisis event. The attached handout explains Standard Response Protocol that is taught to students, faculty and staff.
Please click the link below to view the Standard Response Protocol parent handout.
Due to a variety of safety concerns related to food allergies and campus safety and security,  McKinney ISD will no longer allow students to utilize food delivery services at school. This includes services such as Uber Eats, Doordash and direct restaurant delivery. However, parents/guardians will still be permitted to drop food off for their children.
This rule does not apply to deliveries organized by McKinney ISD faculty or a teacher serving as a sponsor of a student organization. We appreciate your cooperation in our efforts to create a safe and secure environment for students.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact our offices.
Bobbi Hanna
Office Manager
McKinney ISD Communications
    and Support Service
Office: 469-302-4095
Fax: 469-302-4103
You have the opportunity to purchase accident insurance for your student while they are in school or at a school function.  Please click here, or stop by the front office and pick up a pamphlet for more information.
For information about McKinney Vento and community resources, please click HERE.
Welcome to McKinney ISD's Community Folder. The Community Folder is the electronic communications where school related, non-school related and non-profit organizations may post their information that may be of interest or benefit of students and parents. The information here has been submitted to and approved by the McKinney ISD Communications Department. Check back often for the latest opportunities and information from our community. Listings in this area do not constitute an endorsement of any agency, group, organization or business by McKinney ISD.

For Events Sponsored By Outside Organizations:

McKinney ISD does not sponsor, endorse, or assume any responsibility for this event/program. To request accommodations for individuals with disabilities, please contact the sponsoring organization. For general questions or concerns related to the use of facilities by non-district organizations, please contact the campus principal.
 click here for more information.