Our First Concert of 2021!
A Night of Hope and Healing

The Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) and Maestro Eduardo Marturet have the opportunity to share the gift of music with an exceptional performance on Sunday, March 28th, at the historic Biltmore Hotel. 

This event marks MISO’s return to the public stage. We invite you to celebrate a unique outdoor concert to honor our Healthcare Heroes. MISO will offer a symphonic feast from some of the most emblematic and greatest composers.

These frontline workers have demonstrated unbelievable dedication and commitment to our community by serving residents of all ages throughout the Greater Miami Area over this challenging year. 

Join us at The Biltmore Hotel to enjoy MISO’s return to the stage.

Sun, Mar 28, 2021 6:00 PM
The Biltmore Hotel
The Miami Symphony Orchestra - FIRST PUBLIC New Beginnings “Salute the Heroes” CONCERT at Biltmore Hotel, Miso Woman Community award to Nan Bush, producer and manager of renown photographer Bruce Weber, and important awards recognitions to leaders of our community!  
Miami, March 25th, 2021- MISO's first major public event of 2021! It is a privilege and honor to host the "New Beginnings Concert – Salute the Heroes” this Sunday, March 28th at the fabulous Biltmore Hotel. The concert's purpose is to honor our regional healthcare workers and express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for their sacrifices and services. Also, to present a few very special awards. 

We are honored and delighted to present our MISO Women Community Leadership Award to guest of honor Nan Bush, Executive Producer and Manager of world-renowned photographer Bruce Weber! Her talents in photography, art and production led her to an exceptional career in the Fashion world. An artist, leader and visionary led her to create unique new fashion brands along all these years next to her husband, Bruce Weber. She is a paramount Executive Producer of many important artists such as Francesco Scavullo, Horst and William Connors, Jerry Ansel and Barry Lategan, and manager of Bruce Weber. She has organized worldwide solo and group exhibitions of famous photographer Bruce Weber. 
MISO Women Community Leadership Award is a new recognition given yearly to extraordinary female leaders for their outstanding work done for our community. This has been created in light of so many important figures that have made remarkable contributions to our city, both socially and culturally. 

This year we have also added the MISO Men Community Leadership Award, a Distinguished Covid-19 Period Service Award and a Distinguished Pediatric Service Award.

The MISO Men Community Leadership Award is honoring Gene Prescott, President of the Biltmore Hotel. Mr. Prescott is not only a successful businessman, but also very active in the community. He devotes a great amount of time serving on an impressive amount multiple Boards in the Greater Miami Area and beyond. He is a pillar member of the community and a role model as he has impressively demonstrated his commitment and dedication to South Florida. We are so proud to give the first ever MISO Men Community Leadership Award to Mr. Prescott. 

The Distinguished Covid-19 Period Service Award will be presented by MISO to Ben Mollere, representing Baptist Healthcare of South Florida, a local healthcare institution that has provided courageous and humanitarian service in our Greater Miami Area citizens during this Covid-19 health crisis. The Distinguished Pediatric Service Award will be presented to KIDZ Medical Services and his CEO Wayne Brackin, a leading healthcare organization that has provided exceptional healthcare and mental health care services to the children of the Greater Miami Area.

The award ceremony will take place this Sunday, March 28th at 6:00 pm at the historic Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables. The New Beginnings Concert “Salute the Heroes” will be a unique experience that will feature uplifting and healing music performed by the Miami Symphony and Conducted by Maestro Eduardo Marturet, with a special performance by Rising Pop Star and Celebrity Producer Emilio Estefan’s protégé Yailenys Perez.
For more information, please call 305-275-5666 or visit www.themiso.org
A Night of Hope and Healing
by Dr. Bonora
One of the wonders of our brain is that it never ceases to amaze us. We are impressed when we read that it produces substances that make us feel happy or block pain, and we can easily understand this. Still, when we find out that it can synthesize minerals into crystals and that it uses them for multiple corporeal and extracorporeal purposes, it immediately sounds like a science fiction movie. Well, science confirms that our brain is not only capable of synthesizing minerals but also uses them to communicate and store information. This is the case of magnetite, one of the most electromagnetic minerals that exist on earth. Also, in our inner ears, there are crystalline structures of calcium carbonate, which by the way, if they fall from the cells that support it, called otoliths, cause us dizziness, dizziness that persists. At the same time, they travel through the structures of the inner ear. But going back to magnetite, that mineral that abounds in our brain has fascinating functions. When we study it in the brains of homing pigeons, we observe it in their neural structures distributed in a super orderly way, allowing these birds to know precisely where they are located at the time of their birth. That is the reason why they always return to the place where they are born even if we release them thousands and thousands of kilometers away and blindfolded. In our brains, it is more complex to have magnetite. Apart from locating us spatially and not allowing us to fall out of bed when we sleep, this microcrystal can function as translators of electromagnetic energies and can generate mentally directed atoms, what the French called Psychons. To make a complicated explanation simple, it can tune in with another magnetic from another brain and communicate, transfer information, resonate with the same frequency that we call telepathy. It can also inform our neurons if they should raise or lower a particular substance to make us feel good or not so much. That is, these crystals control the production of neurotransmitters, and the fascinating thing we will see is that they can encode thought, knowledge and transmit it. A group of scientists applied nanomagnetites to animals and managed to copy their minds, that is, what the brain perceives, stores, and how it uses it. That is what comes for the human being too, but while that comes, I explain a little of what I try to do with my music. We know that everything in the universe is in constant vibration; everything vibrates. The atoms vibrate, unite and form molecules; these cannot stop still and join others. If these are amino acids when the chains are longer, they form proteins, and if these proteins bump into an Adam or an Eve, well, you already know what happens so as not to disturb Mr. Darwin.
Now, what does music has to do with all this? Much has a lot to do with it... 
Delight yourself with the beautiful sounds of the Miami Symphony Orchestra led by Eduardo Marturet

Saturday, March 27th, 2021
4:00 pm.

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Genius 100 Foundation and the Miami Symphony Orchestra
went LIVE to the International Space Station on March 14th

A specially composed musical piece was performed to honor Astronaut Soichi Noguchi  
On Sunday, March 14th, 2021, Einstein’s birthday, a historic event took place when Astronaut Dr. Soichi Noguchi (JAXA, Japan Exploration Agency) was inducted as a Genius 100 Visionary.  Maestro Eduardo Marturet, a fellow Genius100 Visionary, took part in the ceremony along with a global representation of the organization.
The celebration and induction were divided into a three-part event during that same day:
At precisely 3:14PM, Genius 100 Foundation was connected to a live feed at the International Space Station for a private ceremony and conversation with Dr. Noguchi. During this private event, “Planet 9", an opus Maestro Marturet composed exclusively to be performed in space, was performed for this occasion. Maestro Eduardo Marturet and many other Genius 100 Visionaries took part in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Prior to this out of this world event, there was a community event at 1:00PM/EST, to honor Einstein’s birthday, and to celebrate the inauguration of Astronaut Soichi Noguchi on becoming a Genius100 Visionary. The event was hosted by Genius100 Foundation via YouTube live streaming. An exceptional performance by the Miami Symphony Orchestra was part of the event. 
In 2019, Maestro Marturet, was inducted as a Genius 100 Visionary, and there to support him, amongst the G100 global community, was Dr. Soichi Noguchi. On Sunday, Maestro Marturet returned the honor.
At 6PM/EST the complete performance of Marturet’s Planet 9 was streamed on the MISO Youtube channel. This piece was composed by Maestro Eduardo Marturet in honor of his fellow visionary Dr. Souchi Noguchi, featuring concertmaster Daniel Andai and G100 Visionary, electric guitarist Konstantin Batygin. Batygin, a world-renowned astronomer, co-discovered the Planet 9. The video was produced by Miami Symphony’s Executive Producer for Special Events Fernando Duprat, taking place at the Miami Design District’s Moore Building, Elastika

For more information about Genius100 visit: https://www.genius100visions.com

For more information about MISO visit: https://www.themiso.org
In honor of Dr. Soichi Noguchi, MISO presented “Planet 9", an exclusively composed piece by conductor and G100 Visionary Maestro Eduardo Marturet, with G100 Visionary, electric guitarist Konstantin Batygin as a soloist and special performances by Daniel Andai and Rodner Padilla, produced by MISO Executive Producer for Special Events Fernando Duprat.

Batygin, a world-renowned astronomer, co-discovered the Planet 9. Recorded at the Moore Building-Elastika in the Miami Design District.

Planet 9, behind the scenes
Watch our amazing behind the scene video of this amazing recording at the amazing space Moore Building Elastika at Miami Symphony’s headquarter 
Emilio Estefan,
Celebrity Chair
The Miami Symphony Orchestra NewBeginnings Fund
Watch the speech of Emilio Estefan, the Celebrity Chair of the Miami Symphony Orchestra New Beginnings Fund, about the partnership between G100 and MISO for this wonderful virtual event.
The Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO), now in its historic 32nd season, is Miami's hometown professional symphony and a valuable contributor to Miami's cultural fabric. With 80 professional musicians selected from around the world, MISO represents the exceptional talent and diversity that mirrors South Florida's international and multicultural richness. With national and world premieres becoming more common, MISO is a source of growing local pride and support. MISO Headquarters are located at the heart of the Miami Design District. 

Founded in 1989 by the late Manuel Ochoa since 2006, the baton has been in the hands of Eduardo Marturet, a Venezuelan composer and conductor acclaimed across three continents. During his 16-year tenure, Maestro Marturet has taken MISO into the world-class professional symphony of Miami. He states that "ultimately MISO belongs to the community, and our job is to raise the artistic level each and every year. Because of our loyal fans and supporters, our future looks bright as the glow of the great city of Miami."