15th Annual MIT CDOIQ Symposium, July 20-22, 2021 (Virtual)
The MIT CDOIQ Symposium is the biggest CDO and Information Quality thought-leading organization in the world. We are elated to inform you that as of today, over 900 CDOs and Data Leaders have registered. Our agenda is jam-packed with 83 sessions, 3 keynotes, and as always, a truly outstanding line-up of speakers and content.
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2021 Symposium Attendee Demographics
More than 900 CDOs and Data Leaders have already registered for this year’s Symposium. Click here to view and access the most recent 2021 MIT CDOIQ Symposium Demographic Dashboard. You may also drilldown the dashboard by clicking on any point within any graph or chart that you’re interested in.
Featured Speakers
Powering Your Business With External Data
Mohammed Aaser, CDO, McKinsey & Company, USA
Companies understand the value that data provides to their business. Access to relevant data determines the customer experience, risk exposure, or success of new business models. Increasingly, companies are looking outside of their four walls to acquire external data for better insights and competitive advantages. Access to relevant external data signals can help companies outperform competitors by powering improvements in growth, efficiency, and risk management.
This session will discuss:
  • The importance of external data
  • Impact examples
  • Challenges with external data acquisition
  • Technology considerations for simpler access
Session 7E, 5:20pm - 6:00pm, July 20, 2021
Choose Your Own Data Sharing Strategy: Leadership Edition
Sarah Lyons, General Manager, Privacy Analytics & Luk Arbuckle, Chief Methodologist, Privacy Analytics, Canada
In this choose your own data sharing adventure, leaders will be asked to navigate and overcome several twists and turns – in real time – to meet business needs, while balancing internal resistance to change.
There are no right or wrong answers, however, their choices will determine the next challenge they face, all of which will be derived from insights gleaned in previous expert roundtable discussions.
Come on out to see how our data leaders fare against the gamut of CDO responsibilities in this fun, educational session.
Session 5A, 3:30pm - 4:30pm, July 20, 2021
Data Exchange and Data Marketplaces: Opportunities, Challenges and Lessons Learned - A Panel Discussion With Early Adopters
Nick Morita, CEO & Founder, Japan Data Exchange, Inc., Japan
Data sharing, data partnerships and data monetization are increasingly considered as critical components of any data strategy, capable of generating substantial economic benefits to private and public organizations and to society in general.
Whether it is for reducing operational costs, driving new revenue streams or for generating benefits for the common good, facilitated access to data and secure data exchanges within trusted data marketplaces are real game changers.
In this facilitated session, innovative leaders from agriculture, travel & tourism, genetic & biotech, and commerce, engaged in data exchange and data marketplace initiatives, will share their views and experience in building business cases, getting executive buy-in, defining effective business and operational models, and more generally advancing the data exchange agenda within their organizations or institutions.
Session 10A, 11:30am-12:30pm, July 21, 2021
CDO-1: Foundations for Chief Data Officers Certificate Program
Chief Data Officer's (CDO) role has rapidly emerged and is continuously evolving. This course examines the role of CDO as well as the concepts, models, techniques, and solution approaches across complex, interconnected systems that are at the core of CDO’s ability to uncover data-centric insights and solutions. More than ever data is a primary input to creating enterprise value and data are rarely used in its raw form. CDOs and data leaders often lead organizational efforts to prepare data for use by data consumers. Click here to view the tentative CDO-1 Syllabus.
Register for the CDO-1 Certificate Program, and you will receive a complimentary pass to the July CDOIQ Symposium! POC: cdoiq@mit.edu
Weekend Reading
Legacy Companies Need to Become More Data Driven — Fast
June 15, 2021
By Randy Bean & Ash Gupta
The ability to deploy data as a competitive business asset is what has distinguished a set of well-established, data-rich companies who have reigned as market leaders over the course of the past several decades.
As coauthors of this article and as long tenured industry executives, using data to drive better decision-making and more personalized customer service has long been our focus during the decades long course of our respective business careers — Randy Bean as an advisor to large companies and a chronicler of the industry, and Ash Gupta as former President for Global Credit Risk and Information Management during a 41-year career at American Express.
Our view is that to retain their leadership positions, traditionally data-rich companies must adapt their data and analytics processes to incorporate the latest techniques, or risk falling behind those companies that embrace Big Data, AI, and machine learning.
Sponsor Spotlight:
Databricks is proud to sponsor the 15th Annual MITCDOIQ Symposium. We believe the symposium provides data and analytics leaders a unique opportunity to come together and share best practices, highlight emerging trends and join rich discussions with a vibrant community. As the data and AI company, Databricks is on a mission to simplify and democratize data and AI, helping data teams solve the world’s toughest problems with the lakehouse architecture. At this year’s symposium, we look forward to sharing more about lakehouse and engaging in dialogue on what it takes to build data- and AI-driven organizations. 
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