The 14th Annual MIT Chief Data Officer &
Information Quality Symposium, July 2020
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The Pre-Conference workshop is to help our attendees get a jump start on the following 4 working sessions:

  • Addressing / Data Analytics and Machine Learning Session
  • Building a Successful Data Quality Management Program: How to Get Started, and How to Assess and Improve What You Have”
  • Techniques for Accelerating the creating of a Business Glossary.
  • The Right Stuff: Making Sense of Data-Driven Change in Your Organization


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Announcing Opening Keynote: Usama Fayyad
Usama Fayyad - First Person to Hold the Chief Data Officer Title, Keynotes at the MITCDOIQ Symposium

CDO-1 Certificate Program

The CDO-1 Certificate Program, offered by Dr. Richard Wang, will explain the definition and landscape of the Chief Data Officer's roles and responsibilities, provide introductions to big data technologies, data policy, data strategy, data governance, data analytics and data integration.
Next Available Training:
March 24 - 25, 2020 on MIT Campus
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"This was the most valuable course I've attended in years! It was so refreshing to be immersed in a discussion with a technical slant that didn't focus on technology at all. A Chief Data Officer should be all about business strategy, enabling the use of data in delivering business outcomes. That's easy to say, but no always easy to do, and CDO Fundamentals gave me a range of tools that give me the confidence to make it happen in the real world. The curriculum balanced academic theory and practical application perfectly. Speakers from all disciplines were of the highest quality, and it was most impressive to hear about the application of the theory directly from living, breathing CDO's sharing their experiences - good and bad."
"I found that participating in the CDO-1 Course provided additional insights into the work I do daily on the City's Open Data and Performance team. It provided a place to network with others in both the public and private sector who are working on data standards, process improvement and data-driven decision making. Having access to others doing this important work is invaluable."
This was a great program! Thank you for your enthusiasm, passion, and clarity in teaching CDO-1 Foundations for Chief Data Officers. The pace and duration of the class were appropriate.  I can't wait to get back to work and start applying everything I've learned in my new role as the county’s first CDO"

By David K. Becker and Tom Redman

Most organizations are aware that data quality is an issue. But absent a measurement of data quality and an estimate of the associated costs, they are unable to develop a plan to address the issue. To deal with this situation, we summarize three inter-related techniques (Redman 2019): the Friday Afternoon Measurement (FAM), the Rule of Ten (RoT), and the Cost of Poor Data Quality (CoPDQ).

Are You Asking Too Much of Your Chief Data Officer?

Thomas H. Davenport & Randy Bean

February 10, 2020
Since the first chief data officer was appointed at Capital One in 2002, the role has been plagued by confusion about its purpose. Early on, when most CDOs were in large financial institutions, their most common roles were defense-oriented, involving the security, privacy, quality, and regulatory compliance of key data. However, these functions proved difficult to evaluate except in their absence or breach, and companies have increasingly desired offense-oriented benefits from data — better decision-making, marketing, customer service, and monetization. 
Understanding what a given organization expects of its CDO, and then matching capabilities with those expectations, can be the key to longer, more effective, and happier CDO tenures. In studying CDOs and their roles over the past decade, we’ve identified seven key types of CDO jobs, each distinct enough that it would be difficult or impossible for one person to perform all of them well.

The Emergence Of TD As A Data-Driven Force In Banking

By Randy Bean

February 12, 2020
“Financial services are an exciting place to be if you are an AI professional these days” says Michael Rhodes, who serves as Group Head, Innovation, Technology, and Shared Services for TD Bank.
TD Bank has emerged as an early innovator in introducing the role of the Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAIO). The mandate of the role is to work across organizations to spot new areas where AI can be applied to improve business and establish strategies. Rhodes describes TD as having been on “an accelerated learning curve”, acting quickly to make critical investments in talent and technology.

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