14th Annual MIT CDOIQ Symposium
Goes Virtual, Globally, August 18 - 20, 2020
The 2020 MIT CDOIQ Symposium will be completely virtual, based on consultation with sponsors, industry speakers, and MIT Policy. The Symposium will be held on August 18 - 20, 2020.

The Updated Agenda Has Been Posted
As always, we have an excellent agenda in the works. We will begin to highlight some of the featured speakers and sessions here in the coming months. In the mean time, feel free to have a look at the working agenda, as well as visit our speaker page below.
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Data analytics has become a key part of business success  — but capitalizing on data depends on building the right team. Here are some key roles to hire or reskill for :

  • Data engineers collect and manage data, and manage storage of the data. Their work is the foundation of a data operation as they take large amounts of raw data and prepare it for others to use in making business decisions.
  • Data scientists figure out what to do with that data, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive analytics and derive insights. While research and data scientists traditionally had PhDs, that is no longer a requirement of the job, said Michelle Li, program director of MIT Sloan’s Master of Business Analytics program, who said MBAn graduates often get data jobs with “scientist” in the title.
  • Data translators serve as a bridge to traditional business operations, translating the insights gained from analytics into actions the companies can take to gain value.

Knowledge engineers, ontologists, and other emerging roles seek to take the outcomes of analytics findings and combine those with information from inside and outside the company to formulate actionable answers to business questions. 
Digital Transformation Comes Down to Talent in 4 Key Areas
Over the years we’ve participated in, advised on, or studied hundreds of digital transformations. In doing so, we’ve gained a perspective on just how difficult true digital transformation really is and what it takes to succeed. Digital transformation is not for the faint of heart — the unfortunate reality is that, to date, many such efforts, like  transformation programs in general , have failed.

Data Is a 'Tangible' Asset

By Dr. Henna A. Karna

May 16, 2020
We are excited to welcome Dr. Henna A. Karna , Chief Data Officer @  AXA  as a speaker during the Symposium this year. In the article below she talks about insurance on why data should be considered a tangible asset.

Building A World Class Genetics Center Based On Data Scalability

May 5, 2020
Jeffrey Reid, Head of Genomics and Data Engineering for Regeneron describes his role as existing at the intersection of science and data, in the enclosed article on Building A World Class Genetics Center Based On Data Scalability

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MIT CDOIQ Workshop Day
The Virtual Pre-Conference workshop is to help our attendees get a jump start on the following 4 working sessions:

  • Addressing / Data Analytics and Machine Learning Session
  • Building a Successful Data Quality Management Program: How to Get Started, and How to Assess and Improve What You Have”
  • Techniques for Accelerating the creating of a Business Glossary.
  • The Right Stuff: Making Sense of Data-Driven Change in Your Organization

Cost: $60
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All sessions of the Annual MITCDOIQ Symposium will be held at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Valued Partners - We Thank you!
As I’m sure you can imagine, it has been quite a challenge to plan this event during the global pandemic. Nothing is more rewarding than all our sponsors having decided to sponsor the event virtually. That speaks volumes. We extend a big, heartfelt ‘thank you’ to our valued sponsors.
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