December, 2018
Summer Scholars
Applications now being accepted
The Materials Research Laboratory Summer Scholar Internship Program will run from June 16 through August 10, 2019.

Students can select from a wide array of projects available.

For more information about the internship program, please refer to the frequently asked questions .

2018 Summer Scholars, l-r, top, Sarai Patterson, Lily Hallett, and l-r bottom, Alvin Chang, Stella Tsotsos.
Spintronics breakthrough
Controllable fast, tiny magnetic bits
MIT Materials Science and Engineering  Professor Geoffrey S.D. Beach and colleagues grace the covers of Nature Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials this month, with articles showing they can generate and move magnetic quasi-particles called skyrmions at room temperature with record-setting size and speed. 

Lucas Caretta and Ivan Lemesh in the Beach Lab.
Graduate students Lucas Caretta, left, and Ivan Lemesh, in the lab. 
In other news
Sun-soaking device turns water into superheated steam
MIT engineers have built a device that soaks up enough heat from the sun to boil water and produce “superheated” steam hotter than 100 degrees Celsius, without any expensive optics.

Physics World names “magic-angle graphene” 2018 Breakthrough of the Year
Physics World selected MIT Professor of Physics Pablo Jarillo-Herrero’s discovery that graphene behaves like a high-temperature superconductor when adjacent layers are rotated at a "magic angle" as its 2018 Breakthrough of the Year, leading to the new field of “twistronics.”
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