March, 2018
Summer Scholars selected
Interns select their own projects during the first few days of the program.
12 undergraduates chosen
for research internships
The MIT Materials Research Laboratory has selected 12 top-ranking undergraduates to conduct graduate-level research on the MIT campus in Cambridge, Mass., from June 17 to August 11, 2018.
An electrically conducting crystal made from iron and tin atomic layers arranged in the repeating pattern of a kagome lattice. Illustration by Felice Frankel and Chelsea Turner.
Physicists discover new quantum electronic material
Physicists from MIT, Harvard University, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory report that they have for the first time produced a kagome metal — an electrically conducting crystal, made from layers of iron and tin atoms, with each atomic layer arranged in the repeating pattern of a kagome lattice, that exhibits exotic, quantum behavior.

In Other News
Event Calendar

  • Chez Pierre Seminar, Prof. Johnpierre Paglione, University of Maryland, Condensed Matter Physics, Building 4-331, Duboc Room, 12-1pm, Mon., April 2, 2018. 

  • Vannevar Bush Lecture: Katie Rae, CEO and Managing Partner of The Engine, Building E51-335, 5-6 pm, Tues., April 3, 2018.

  • 2018 Metal Arts Lecture: Helen Shirk, metalsmith, jeweler, and educator, Building 6-120, 6-7pm, Wed., April 11, 2018.

  • Vannevar Bush Lecture: “Making in America,” Suzanne Berger, the Raphael Dorman-Helen Starbuck Professor of Political Science at MIT, Building E51-372, 6-7pm, Wed., April 25, 2018.

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