The 13th Annual MIT Chief Data Officer &
Information Quality Symposium
July 31 - August 2, 2019
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Featured Sessions
The New Data Frontiers
for the DoD

By Micheal Conlin, Chief Data Officer, DoD/Pentagon Suite

Abstract: As the first Chief Data Officer of the Department of Defense, Mr. Conlin faces a unique set of challenges and opportunities. The Department is the world’s largest (and arguably most important) organization. Its significant multi-dimensional complexity is partially the result of history, legislation, and ultimately a fast-paced operational environment. Unique situations call for unique approaches that nevertheless leverage best practices from the commercial sector. Mr. Conlin will share some of his approaches to the management and leadership of data for the 21st century.

Fueling Strategic Business Initiatives with Intelligent Data Governance

By Susan Wilson, VP & Data Governance Leader, Informatica

Abstract: Today’s data-driven digital transformations need technology that can automate and scale to power intelligent data governance. During this session, learn best practices and tips on how end-to-end data governance fosters business and IT collaboration with governed, protected, and trusted data to fuel strategic business initiatives and support regulatory compliance. In addition, learn how privacy by design principles can help organizations intelligently discover, identify and protect sensitive information and ensure consent and ethical data processing.
The Rise of Modern Data Platform, Cloud Computing and AI in the Clinical Trials Industry - a Chief Data Officer’s Perspective from the Trenches of Innovation
By Dr. Prakriteswar Santikary
Vice President,
Global Chief Data Officer,
ERT Inc.
"Today, more than ever, pharmaceutical and biotech companies are under a great deal of pressure to make drug development processes more efficient and cost-effective so they can bring life-saving therapies to the market faster. But t he costs and time needed to commercialize a new drug or therapy continue to escalate – currently exceeding 8 years and over $2 billion..."

Ask the Expert Q&A



Professor, UA Little Rock


How can I improve my Data Quality in my Organization?

CDO-1 Certificate Program

The CDO-1 Certificate Program offered by
Dr. Richard Wang will explain the definition and landscape of the Chief Data Officer's roles and responsibilities, provide introductions to big data technologies, data policy, data strategy, data governance, data analytics, data integration, and tools that are immediately deployable by CDOs. The certificate program will also include hands-on application of the tools learned to help drive business cases.


"This was the most valuable course I've attended in years! It was so refreshing to be immersed in a discussion with a technical slant that didn't focus on technology at all. A Chief Data Officer should be all about business strategy, enabling the use of data in delivering business outcomes. That's easy to say, but no always easy to do, and CDO Fundamentals gave me a range of tools that give me the confidence to make it happen in the real world.
The curriculum balanced academic theory and practical application perfectly. Speakers from all disciplines were of the highest quality, and it was most impressive to hear about the application of the theory directly from living, breathing CDO's sharing their experiences - good and bad."


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All sessions of the Annual MITCDOIQ Symposium will be held at the

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
July 31 - August 2, 2019

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