The 14th Annual MIT Chief Data Officer &
Information Quality Symposium, July 2020
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Ten years ago, our mission was very different from what it is today. Back then we talked about what the Chief Data Officer (CDO) role was and emphasized the importance of hiring one. Today, it is common knowledge that the CDO plays a significant role in the success and management of organizations.

Although the CDO field has evolved rapidly since then, we are still met with data-related tasks that are challenging. Therefore, we continue to take it upon ourselves to share and take part in the innovation and best practices.
CDO-1 Certificate Program

The CDO-1 Certificate Program, offered by
Dr. Richard Wang, will explain the definition and landscape of the Chief Data Officer's roles and responsibilities, provide introductions to big data technologies, data policy, data strategy, data governance, data analytics and data integration.


"Thank you very much for the wonderful training program in CDO Foundations. It exceeded my expectations in content, networking, learning, and applicable/actionable advice.
Truly a great program I would recommend to fellow de facto CDOs and CDOs."


The class was great and the speakers were most excellent. I have learned a lot and I look forward to attending CD0-2.


Next Available Training:
March 24 - 25, 2020 @ Boston, MA
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AI At JPMorgan Chase —
Breadth, Depth And Change

By Thomas H. Davenport & Randy Bean

November 12, 2019
Most large banks in the US are pursuing AI fairly assiduously, but JPMorgan Chase stands out for the depth of its commitment to the technology, the breadth of projects it has adopted, and the focus on driving actual business change from its AI initiatives. 
But JPMorgan Chase distinguishes itself from other banking firms in its level of investment, its hiring of AI academic stars, and its coordinated approach to the management of AI and analytics.

Editors Pick from Forbes - A Long View On How Big Data And AI Have Transformed Business Culture

By Randy Bean

September 22, 2019
It may be hard to imagine today, but there was a time not too very long ago when data analysts, with a few notable exceptions, were relegated to the hidden recesses of most corporations. Better to toil away in the bowels than to be shown the light of day.

For many decades, even as information technology (IT) emerged as a critical business function, data was viewed more as something that firms filed away in vaults for the mandatory seven years to comply with regulators, and not a business asset that could be mined to unlock critical business insights.

Data was perceived as the purview of those who were sometimes derisively referred to as data geeks or “propeller heads”. This was long before Silicon Valley, or Wall Street, embraced the term “geek”. As one long-time analytics executive puts it, “we were the math club”.

For Chief Data Officers in Finance

By Tracy Mayor
November 4, 2019
WHY IT MATTERS: Financial services first elevated the data function as a protective measure. Now CDOs are helping firms boost efficiency and tap new market opportunities.  

Spend four days at the forefront of data. With more than 80 breakout sessions, 70 round tables, 15 deep dive sessions, and 6 Workshops. Informatica World 2020 will provide attendees with countless opportunities to learn, network, and discover.

Our very own, Dr. Richard Wang, will be a guest speaker at this event. Contact Dan Everett for more information

May 18 - 21, 2020
The Venetian Resort, Las Vegas

All sessions of the Annual MITCDOIQ Symposium will be held at the

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
July 2020

Stata Center
32 Vassar St
Cambridge, MA 02139

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