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February 12, 2020
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  • Nursery is Open!

  • A Note from the Counselors

  • YF Movie Night

  • CAL Contest

  • Field Day - Save the Date

  • Water Coalition Meeting



  • 20th - YF Movie Night

  • 22nd - Sheep Sale

  • 22nd - Dairy Challenge

  • 27-29th - Educating for Careers Conference

  • 29th - Discussion Meet Contest
~ The Nursery is Open! ~
A Note from our Counselors
For those who are graduating this spring or summer:

•      Students who are finishing this semester should simply apply for their degree. There is no application to participate in graduation other than this form. For students finishing in the summer, have them come see me to submit their application electronically for summer grads.

•      For students to get their name in the program they would need to apply for their degree (Spring Completer's) or fill out electronic form (Summer Completers) by March 27. Unfortunately, there can be no exceptions to this deadline in order to have programs ready for the ceremony.

•      ASMJC will be purchasing gowns for all graduating students this year. Student will go to the bookstore and give their name. The list is based on those who have applied for their degree or completed this form.

•      Spring Completer's who decide to participate in the graduation ceremony after the deadline should fill out this form so they can get their graduation gown.

•      Summer Completer's who decide to participate in the graduation ceremony after the deadline should fill out this form so they can get their graduation gown.
Apply for graduation!
Are you finishing at MJC in the Fall, Spring, or Summer? APPLY TODAY to receive your AS, AS-T or Certificate of Achievement!

You do NOT automatically receive your degree when you are finished, but must apply and turn in to Enrollment Services Office.

Need help? Find Michael in Ag 126 or Pathways.
Don't forget to check out https://www.mjc.edu/instruction/agens/scholarships.php to see a detailed list of agriculture scholarships. Deadlines vary for each one, so check back often for updates!
YF Movie Night

The MJC Young Farmers welcomes you to join us for an evening full of fun at our Drive-in for the movie Dodge Ball! All food is $1.00!!! Wear Young Farmer apparel to enter our raffle for a chance to win a goodie basket to enjoy with the movie. Hope to see you there.

CAL Contest
On February 7, 2020, MJC Agriculture students participated in the annual CAL Contest hosted at Merced College . MJC brought twenty students and competed in all seven of the different contests offered, making MJC the biggest turn out between the rest of the community colleges.  Our students were able to bring an award home in every contest competed, and overall proved how strong our agriculture program is between teachers and students. Without the determination and encouragement of our professors, the students would not be half as successful without their push.It was a long, but eventful day, and our students were well rounded, competing in various competitions and making our school proud. Congratulations to everyone who competed!

- MJC Field Day -
SAVE THE DATE! - March 21st, 2020

The annual MJC FFA Field day is around the corner! We will be in great need of student volunteers for this event. Above is each contest that will be available at our field day along with the advisor in charge of the event. If you see a contest you are familiar with or would like to become more involved, do not hesitate to talk with the contest head. We will be heavily prepping for the contest, so the sooner you become involved the better! We are in need of student chairs for contest, as well as all around volunteers. If you are not sure what contest to sign up for, but would like to help, talk with one of your ag professors and they will point you in the right direction.

Make sure to sign up!
Water Coalition Meeting
On Friday February 7 th , 2020 the MJC Irrigation department hosted the East San Joaquin Water Quality Coalition meeting. Every grower in the district is required to attend this meeting or they face penalty fines. Students met in the Pavilion on Thursday February 6 th to set up seating for over 1,000 growers who attended the event. The morning of the event students served over 1,000 donuts and coffee to all the attendees. During the event, students learned all about what the Water Coalition is responsible for and the issues they face. The primary focus and concern for the Water Coalition is excess Nitrate levels and Nitrate in runoff water. All growers are required to submit tests and reports on their Nitrate levels and usages throughout the season. The ideal situation for the Water Coalition and growers is to harvest almost all added nitrogen from the ground, through their crop yields. The idea is to maintain a steady but healthy level of nitrates in the soil and water. In conclusion, the East San Joaquin Water Quality Coalition continues to provide growers with important information and strategies on how to farm efficiently, yet still take care of the environment through nitrate monitorization. Thank you to everyone who showed up to set up, run the event, and take down. The event was a success!
Additional Opportunities
Job Opportunities
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