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March 11, 2020
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  • Spring Jackpot

  • Student Survey

  • YF Dodgeball

  • Discussion Meet

  • Dairy Judging - Hanford

  • Poultry Conference - Hawaii

  • Field Day - Save the Date



  • 12th - YF Dodgeball Meeting

  • 13th-14th - Collegiate Livestock Show

  • 20th - Regional Parli Pro Contest

  • 21st - MJC Field Day

Spring Jackpot HELP
Contact Mr. Mendes: [email protected]
Student Satisfaction Survey

We need your help! Let us know how we are doing as a department by answering a student satisfaction survey. All responses will remain anonymous. Results will be shared with MJC Faculty, Staff, and Administration to help us improve the student experience. 

Why should you do this? 
  1. It will help us better know the demographics of our students
  2. It evaluates how we are as a department
  3. It helps us plan for future programs
  4. It will make you feel good 

Deadline to complete is March 16th
Apply for graduation!
Are you finishing at MJC in the Fall, Spring, or Summer? APPLY TODAY to receive your AS, AS-T or Certificate of Achievement!

You do NOT automatically receive your degree when you are finished, but must apply and turn in to Enrollment Services Office.

Need help?
Talk to your counselor ASAP
Don't forget to check out https://www.mjc.edu/instruction/agens/scholarships.php to see a detailed list of agriculture scholarships. Deadlines vary for each one, so check back often for updates!
YF Dodgeball | TOMORROW
MJC Competes at YF&R Discussion Meet
Dairy Judging Wins Big at Western Classic!
On February 29, 2020, the Modesto Junior College Dairy Judging teams traveled to Hanford, Ca to compete in the Western Classic Dairy Contest. During the morning, two classes of Holsteins and two classes of Jersey animals were judged by FFA students, 4-H students and collegiate contestants.  In addition two sets of oral reasons were given. The event was sponsored by the South San Joaquin Valley Holstein Club and Cal Poly Dairy Science Department. Although this was a smaller contest, all contests are training contests for the National contests later this spring and fall. Starting the day at 4:45 a.m., driving to the contest, competing and then heading home with results. 

PEPA Poultry Conference - Hawaii
Thanks to the generosity of the Pacific Egg & Poultry Association, Felicia Trejo, Julia Orlando and Ms. Marlies Boyd traveled to Waikoloa Village in Hawaii to attend the 97 th  annual Pacific Egg and Poultry Conference. The conference was in a beautiful location and everyone had an amazing time! While attending the conference, the students met with poultry industry leaders, attended industry business sessions that addressed the economic impact of the recent Newcastle Disease Outbreak. They also learned about current marketing tactics used by the American Egg Board to encourage egg consumption.

West Campus Intern Applications
We are excited to announce that our student internship program information is available on our website. Please forward this information to students in your program that you think would be potential candidates.

General information:  
Applications for 20-21 will be available 4/1/2020 and due 5/11/2020.
Summer interns must apply for 20-21.
If needed, interviews will happen the week of May 11 th .
Selections hope to be announced by May 19 th .

Applications and more information about the internship program at MJC is now available at the link below.

For more information please contact Troy Gravatt ( [email protected])
MJC Field Day | Volunteers Needed
March 21st, 2020

The annual MJC FFA Field day is around the corner! We will are in need of student volunteers for this event at each contest and for lunch. Each contest is listed above with the faculty member in charge of that event. If you see a contest you are familiar with or would like to become more involved, do not hesitate to talk with the contest head. We will be heavily prepping for the contest, so the sooner you become involved the better! If you are not sure what contest to sign up for, but would like to help, talk with one of your ag professors and they will point you in the right direction.
Additional Opportunities
Job Opportunities
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THANK YOU Stanislaus County Farm Bureau for sponsoring and helping our department develop and further our outreach to our community and our students.
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