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May 20th, 2014

Dear Parents,


A professional photographer, who is a parent from a CCMA Montessori school, took 3000 pictures of her son one morning. She never once directed her child.  


The results were extraordinary.  Without any push the video had almost 40,000 hits in three days. 


Today we are joining with all CCMA schools in sending this to you.  We want to spread the word on the potential each child holds when offered a Montessori environment.  


A Montessori Morning
A Montessori Morning



This is to send to all those people who question why you believe in your child enough to place them in a Montessori environment. 


Please help us let the world understand this by posting it on Facebook or Twitter.


Help us tell this story so one day we won't call it a "Montessori school" but just "school".



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