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We are very honoured to introduce you to MJDS's stellar faculty and our lovely Shinshinim.  

With this we also bring to you the words of astronaut Christa MacAuliffe (1948-1986)


I touch the future, I teach!


September 14 2014

Kita Zohar - Toddler Community 

Mimi Li, Bashak Ari, and Dorona Zierler

Bashak, Lili and Dorona

My name is Mimi Li. I have been a Montessori teacher for more than twelve years. I was always drawn towards working with young children, as their soulful minds give me so much inspiration about many things in life. I am truly glad to work at MJDS where I have the freedom to develop my potential and the opportunity to work with a team of people who share the same passion for Montessori education.


My name is Bashak Ari and I have been working at MJDS for over 5 years in various positions, from the afterschool program to administrative duties and finally to the Toddler environment after earning my Montessori ECE diploma. I love working at MJDS because I get to see how children learn to explore and discover the world on their own.

My name is Dorona Zierler and I am thrilled to be coming aboard as the new arts instructor for elementary and middle school, and Judaic Studies/team member of the toddler program. From my early childhood I have nurtured a passion for the arts and a desire to use art and creativity as a tool to help others. These goals have become the guiding force in my life, and my new position at MJDS has given me the opportunity to share what I have learned from my own experiences in alternative and democratic methods of learning. I have seen first-hand the impact that a student involved education can have on the creativity and thought processes of young children, and I am happy to  join the MJDS community and pay forward the time and energy donated by my own teachers and mentors. I look forward to sharing our creations and discoveries with you over the coming year!




Kita Mazal - Casa Environment 

Shalisa Agam and Daniela Segev


Shaliza and Daniela
Shalisa and Daniela


My name is Shalisa Agam and I have been a guide in the Casa environment for 7 years at MJDS. I have enjoyed my experience with the children; they put a smile on my face, and I have many fond memories as I observe the children grow and expand their personalities and knowledge at MJDS. My educational background is in the fine arts and art history and this has complemented my Montessori training as I have seen overlap and many connections with  Montessori philosophy. The Montessori Jewish Day School has been a welcoming environment and community. I have felt a sense of connection with the staff and families for all of the years that I have been a part of our school family. Looking forward to getting to know the new families and creating a bigger MJDS community.

My name is Daniela Segev and I am the Judaic Studies guide in Kita Mazal. I have been working at MJDS for 8 years, seven of which I have worked with my partner Shalisa. I am the mother of three wonderful boys who bring me joy every day. MJDS for me is a loving and caring community.



Kita Gefen - Casa Environment  

Sarah Doughty and Tami Grunebaum


Sarah and Tami
Sarah and Tami

My name is Tamar (Tami), I have been a teacher for more than 24 years, and part of the Montessori Jewish Day School for the last five years. I am a proud mother of two amazing kids that are now attending university. I am the Judaic Studies teacher in Kita Gefen, and I hold both ECE and Montessori Casa diplomas; I also have a background in arts and science. As a guide I believe deeply in Maria Montessori's statement: "The child's progress does not depend only on his age, but also on being free to look around him." I carry this responsibility close to my heart while being part of your children's lives. I am always happy to support the school and this beautiful community. MJDS is a really special place to work and be part of.


My name is Sarah and Montessori has been a part of my life since the young age of 3 when I began my Montessori education. I earned a diploma in Radio Broadcasting before I decided to go back to my roots and return to Montessori, this time as a Casa guide. After a year working abroad in Beijing, China I came home to Canada and joined the MJDS family. It's the beginning of my 5th year at MJDS and I have never looked back because I get to do what I love every day, which is working with your amazing children who are filled with such wonder and joy.



Kita Magen David - Lower Elementary Environment

 Matthew Cooper, Ella Lichtin and Andrea Mak 


Alla, Andrea and Mathew

Ella, Andrea and Mathew


Kita Magen David - Lower Elementary Environment - Matthew Cooper, Ella Lichtin and Andrea Mak

My name is Matthew and I am a lifelong learner with a passion for experiential education.  Prior to becoming a Montessori guide, I worked in various capacities as a Jewish outdoor educator.  Seeking a more in-depth relationship with my students, I sought to enter full-time classroom teaching in an environment that also carried with it the elements of discovery and independence that the outdoors naturally provides, leading me to the Montessori method.  I hold a B.A. in Philosophy and Anthropology, with a focus in World Religions and Culture and completed my Montessori training in 2010 at the Toronto Montessori Institute.  I am in my fourth year at MJDS, and find it to be the perfect synthesis of my background and interests, and am continually thrilled and grateful to be part of such a wonderful school! 


I am Ella Lichtin, Judaic Studies teacher in Magen David. This is my 8th year at MJDS. I hold a Bachelors of Education Degree from the College of Teachers in Haifa, Israel. It is a pleasure to work in this unique place and I love bringing my vast experience as a teacher to my classroom where I combine Judaism, Hebrew and holidays in a Montessori fashion.

My name is Andrea Mak and it seems like yesterday that I introduced myself to you as a substitute teacher in lower elementary. A year has gone by and my daughter has graduated from the Toddler programme and is now ready to enter Casa. I was lucky to be a substitute teacher in Casa and Lower Elementary, and had a wonderful experience as an afterschool teacher. I had a chance to get to know every single student and felt very much at home. I'm very happy to be back as Lower Elementary teacher, was wonderful that we already knew each other, and the transition was easy and peaceful for all of us. I'm looking forward to continuing our journey, having fun, teaching and learning, and exploring the "whole universe" together.



Kita Shalhevet and Kita Rimon - Upper Elementary and 

Middle School Environment 

Catherine O'Keeffe, Yaniv Abitbul and Simon Cook-Roffey 


Yaniv, Catherine and Simon



My name is Catherine and I have worked at MJDS for nine years, longer than at any other school, because I absolutely love it here. Having worked as a Montessori teacher in five different countries and four different schools in Toronto, MJDS has by far the warmest, most generous spirit. This is because of two profound influences: Firstly, Regina and Sarit encourage us to keep classrooms that are brimming with productivity and where every child's opinion and work matters. Secondly, the parents are friendly, generous and caring towards everyone in our school community. Shalhevet is the perfect work environment, the students have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and humour and my intellectual, funny, calm co-workers Yaniv and Simon are the best.


My name is Yaniv and I have worked at MJDS for the last 7 years. I am the Judaic Studies guide in the Upper Elementary and Physical Education teacher as well. I have my 3 boys enrolled in the school and I really love the family feeling that MJDS has. I especially enjoy having the ability to teach in a variety of ways that suit the different personalities of the children.


My name is Simon and I have worked at MJDS for two years as the Middle School teacher, so many of you may recognize me, but I will be around the main building much more this year as I have joined the Upper Elementary team.  I am still teaching the Middle School curriculum to our Middle School student, and I will also be teaching math to all of the Upper Elementary students.  I am really excited to be in such a busy class, to focus on the math material, and to be working with the whole MJDS team more closely.  It is a wonderful group to be a part of and a special place to teach. We have had an excellent first couple of weeks upstairs and I am eager to learn from Catherine and Yaniv. They have both made my transition extremely easy and are so warm and kind.  I am looking forward to the rest of this year in my new role, and excited to continue to work with our grade seven student, providing her with the best of both worlds.


Shinshinim - Gal Fuchs and Ishai Barbivay



Gal and Ishai



Shalom to the MJDS community. We are Gal and Ishai, the new Shinshinim, coming from Israel. We are so happy to be here and very excited for this amazing year that we are all going to have. So let us introduce ourselves...


My name is Ishai Barbivay, and I am from Givatayim. I have two sisters, Tal and Mor, they both are married. Tal has a little daughter, her name is Romi and she is one of my best friends. For the last three years I studied in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) preparatory military boarding school. The last three years were very hard, but my friends there made those three years the best time of my life. I like to spend time with my friends and to surf. I also like to photograph and play basketball. And the most important thing, I am so excited to start this year!


My name is Gal Fuchs, and I come from a small Moshav in the centre of Israel called Nir Zevi. My entire family lives there and we are very close. I have a younger brother and sister and a dog. I have been singing and playing the piano for many years and last year I graduated from High School of Arts in Tel Aviv. I love traveling with my family and friends in Israel and abroad. I fell so lucky to be here and I'm expecting an amazing year ahead!


Shana Tova to all of you, look for us in school and on our  Facebook page: Gal & Ishai Shinshinim!!!






Thursday 18  Elementary Curriculum Night              7:30 pm                    

All parents welcome

Guest speaker: Rosanna Gaudio, Elementary Montessori Teacher Educator 


Monday 22  Casa Curriculum Night                              7:30 pm 

Toddler parents welcome

Guest speaker: Dianne Dobson, Casa Montessori Teacher Educator


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