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Celebrating our Bar Mitzvah Year
May 2nd, 2014


Understanding Your Child's Reality


Dr. Alex Russell is a clinical psychologist who helps children develop resilience and their own personal relationship with school and achievement. At the heart of his message-and his book, Drop The Worry Ball-is that children learn by experiencing non-catastrophic, painful failure, and it is through the process of these failures that they mature into resilient, resourceful and emotionally balanced individuals.


Dr. Alex Russell: Understanding Our Children's Reality
Dr. Alex Russell: Understanding Our Children's Reality



Watch this 6 minute YouTube video for a quick lesson on sandbox etiquette, natural consequences, and how children are learning how to manage their parents rather than manage their own social learning opportunities. You can also borrow Drop The Worry Ball from our Parent Library.


This Week at MJDS


Spring fun is here. Kita Zohar children are enjoying the season with outdoor activities including nature exploration, riding a bike, going for a walk, having a picnic snack, coloring the playground  with sidewalk chalk, playing catch with a ball among others. Outdoor activities are important  because children gain physical skills using their bodies in different ways and a lot of social interaction also goes on when they play outdoors.


The Casa classes are buzzing with end of the year preparations. Our graduating students have begun to create their Shabbat boxes by sewing decorative beads onto the challah covers and creating a Kiddush cup and candle holders out of clay. They are also getting ready to create  the final Casa project of a personal timeline which is a tradition at MJDS. The effect of the mixed age groups becomes evident at this time of year, as the graduates remember their former classmates going through this rite of passage, while the younger students are watching everything and asking when they will be able to do the same projects. It's a beautiful cycle of growth and development that will be reflected back to the children in their timelines.


This week the Middle School students, with a guest from upper elementary, had the incredible  opportunity to visit a lab in the MaRS building.  This outing was a continuation of some of the  work that they have been doing in class, studying cells, genes, and proteins. This outing was,  by some accounts, the "best of the year". We had the opportunity to see all of the different stages of work and learn about all kinds of different cutting edge technology. We learned about everything that goes into growing certain human proteins in bacteria, to crystallizing these proteins, to making images that can be studied and analyzed.


Middle School children with Abraham RomekHollander, Holocaust Survivor

On Yom Hashoah, Danielle told the Middle School children about her father,

Here you can find his story written by Danielle's son Elliot Weissberg when he was 16 years old. The only change is that by now Danielle's father is also the very proud great-grand-father of 2 children, one of whom was born 2 weeks ago in San Francisco! - Danielle Weissberg, Upper Elementary and Middle School teacher.



Thank You from Baycrest


Dear Sarit and the Students from the Jewish Montessori Day School,


On behalf of the Members who attend the Freeman Family Day Centre at Baycrest, I would like to take this opportunity to send a very special thank you to the staff and students from your school who worked so very hard to prepare a lovely Passover Model Seder for our members.


This was a wonderful "Mitzvah" that you did and it surely brightened up the faces of our members who attended the Seder. It was evident that a lot of concentrated time and effort went in to the planning and implementation of this program, and for that we are truly grateful to you.


Thank you again for your role in making our Passover Model Seder program a success and for celebrating the festival of Passover with us.




Erin Corey BA, R/TRO

Recreation Therapist- Freeman Family Day Centre

Baycrest Community Day Centre for Seniors

EchoAge Birthdays Support MJDS


Thank you and Happy Birthday to Ella and Leo Blinick who celebrated with an EchoAge party and helped to support MJDS. To find out more information on how you can throw your own EchoAge party go to www.echoage.com


Yom Hazikaron with the Shinshinim


This Tuesday and Wednesday we talked about Yom Hazikaron; marking its exceptional importance in Israeli society.


Each level in the elementary classes was given information on a fallen soldier from a different background and then discussed their lives and how their sacrifices should always be remembered. Together we made a Yom Hazikaron exhibition which will be used at the Yom Hazikaron memorial ceremony by the students and afterwards outside of the school.


Please join us for the community Yom Hazikaron memorial ceremony on Sunday May 4th, at Beth Tzedek starting at 7:00pm. Flyers can be found in the foyer.


Thank you,

Stav and Oded 


The Montessori Community Mourns Gabriel Garcia Mrquez 


Nobel Prize winning author Gabriel Garcia Mrquez died recently, and a wave of tributes has spread through the Montessori world as we recognize Mrquez as one of the many Celebrity Montessori Alumni, including "the Google Guys" Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales, the Washington Post's Katharine Graham, and more. 


Garcia Marquez is quoted as stating:


"Being in Montesssori was like playing at being alive"



To find out more about Mrquez's personal experiences in Montessori read the entire article.

Thank You from the Toronto Montessori Institute


You may remember that just before the Passover break Regina was invited to be on the On Site Verification Team for Toronto Montessori Institute (TMI) on behalf of the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE). The MACTE team visited MJDS and had this to say:


Dear Regina and staff,


A short note of thanks for allowing the Montessori Jewish Day School to be visited as a practicum site for TMI. We appreciate your continued support for our program and Montessori education in general.


Thank you for opening your doors to the team; they were very impressed by your school. They enjoyed the children's engagement and joy (and were aware that it was the last day before break - but not by the children's activity). Thank you again - our students love doing their practice teaching with you.




Nancy Coyle

Director of Training

Toronto Montessori Institute


Unlikely Companions


IDOLS: All the MJDS teachers and Maria Montessori

By Daniel Margaliot, Aaron Long, and Orian Broza    


All the Montessori  teachers

Who were definitely not preachers,

Were in the park one day...

 And then came a figure

Who was a bit bigger

Than the one in the books.

''Oh my Gosh''... Is it !?   ''No, it can't be!

I thought it was a myth,  that she was here today!''

We must alert all the schools that she is here today!

 The one that brought the fun

 And put the boring away!''

"'No,'' came a smooth and pleasant voice.

''No, my friends you should not...

I do not want much attention yet...

Keep myself a secret, for now''.

So she was kept a secret,

A loving and pleasant secret.




Calendar Reminders


May 2 - Caf Theatre - Magen David Level 3

May 5 - Yom Hazikaron - please have your children wear white

May 6 - Yom Haatzamut - let's celebrate in white and blue!

May 9 - Caf Theatre - Magen David Level 2

May 12 - PD Day Camp for Friday May 16

th- Registration Due Date

May 16 - MJDS Summer Camp - Registration Due Date


This Week's Wonderful Quote


There's a prayer that stars with "L'dor va dor", usually translated as from generation to generation, but really means to generation and generation in Hebrew. The prayer speaks to each generation's responsibility to pass on from those before to those that follow; a befitting way to end this newsletter and share a quote from one of our students in Magen David.


After a discussion about Yom Hashoa and the importance of passing down knowledge and history to generation and generation, Lower Elementary Student Sophie L. had this to say:


"Yes. That's why I'm going to send my children to MJDS."



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