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August 2016

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Thank you for for reading the General Mitchell  International Airport (MKE) Airfield Update. This newsletter is intended to keep  you up-­to-­date on airfield construction projects, regular maintenance, and  special events that could impact the standard flow of arriving or  departing air traffic.

It's the time of year when children get ready to go back to school!  It's also the time of year when we celebrate the completion of this summer's  major airfield construction projects.  Thank you for your patience during this time.  Although there are some remaining daily closures during normal business hours, we do not expect any overnight closures until next year's regular annual maintenance projects.  As always, there will also be intermittent closures in place during daytime hours.
  • The main north-south runway (1L/19R) will be closed during daytime periods through October.  It will remain open during nights and weekends.
  • Both east-west runways (7R/25L and 7L/25R) will also have daytime closures through October.  They will remain open during nights and weekends.
  • Runway 13/31, which is typically used by small aircraft and business jets, will have daytime closures for pavement grooving through October.  It will remain open on nights and weekends.
  • No major runway work is scheduled until next year for Timmerman Airport, the General Aviation reliever airport located on Milwaukee's northwest side.
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Have a great autumn, and we will update you again in the new year!
MKE Runway Layout

Runway 7R/25L
Daily closures through October.

Runway 1L/19R
Daily closures through October.

Runway 1R/19L

Runway 13/31
Daily closures through October.

Runway 7L/25R
Daily closures through October.
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