MKT Members Spring Newsletter
Hope that everyone had an excellent spring semester!

In this issue:
  • 2016 Scholarship Winners
  • ACHS Benefits and Opportunities
  • MKT Graduation Regalia Photo Contest!
  • 2016-2017 Executive Committee and Welcome to New Chapter

  • Useful Links

2016 Scholarship Winners

Mu Kappa Tau is proud to announce this year's scholarship recipients:

This year's applicants were so well qualified and deserving that the Mu Kappa Tau Executive Committee decided to award an extra $200 scholarship.  To read short bios about this year's winners, please click here!

I strongly encourage all members to apply for these scholarships next year!  Applications are done online and must be submitted by mid February.
ACHS Member Benefits!

Did you know that being a member of Mu Kappa Tau also means that you are entitled to member benefits from the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS) as well?  

These benefits include discounts for attending certain conferences (like Scholarcon), FREE access to a career launching tool ( GiftedHire), and qualifying for internship scholarships (like in Washington, DC)!  For a full list of these and other ACHS member benefits,  click here!
MKT Regalia Photo Contest!

Starting TODAY, Mu Kappa Tau members are invited to participate in a photo contest, hosted on Facebook, for chances to win  $20 Amazon gift cards and MKT hooded sweatshirts!  

MKT members have one month to post pictures wearing their MKT graduation gear (stoles, medallions, honor cords) on the MKT Facebook page to be entered in this contest.  Winners will be randomly drawn from participants.  This competition begins Monday May 16, 2016 and ends  Friday June 17, 2016 .  For complete contest rules, please click here.  

To order MKT graduation regalia items, please click here.  

2016-2017 MKT Executive Committee and Welcome

This year's MKT annual business meeting was held on Thursday, March 24th in Milwaukee, WI during the 2016 Pi Sigma Epsilon National Convention.  Thank you to all those who attended!

During this meeting, the 2016-2017 Mu Kappa Tau Executive Committee was voted on and approved.  For a list of who is serving in which position, please click here.  Also discussed were new programming ideas for our honor society.  If you could not attend this meeting, but have some suggestions about how we can improve MKT, please send them to  Gabrielle Williams.

It was also announced at this meeting that we chartered a new Mu Kappa Tau chapter at the University of Scranton!  Welcome to these new members!  For a current list of participating schools with active Mu Kappa Tau chapters, please  click here.
Useful Links

~MKT  Sample Press Release Template
~ACHS member benefits page
~MKT graduation regalia  pictures and order form
~PSE opportunity for COG points with MKT
~MKT member competitions (rules and prizes)
~Email address for headquarters contact
Mu Kappa Tau Headquarters | (414) 328-1952 | |