January 2015
Mu Kappa Tau 
  • Scholarship Opportunities - Deadline February 15, 2015
  • Spring Student Competitions
  • MKT Young Alumni Spotlight
  • MKT Website and Pride Items
  • 2015 PSE National Convention and MKT Annual Business Meeting

Do you know a school that does not have a MKT Chapter?
Could you help promote MKT to a marketing student at that school?  
No time, no worries! 
Forward their information to me and I would be happy to reach out to them in your behalf.  


The 2015 Association of College Honor Societies Annual Council Meeting will be held  in Reno, NV, February 12th-14th. It is my pleasure to represent MKT as the only National Marketing Honor Society to be recognized by the ACHS. The programming is excellent with general sessions, breakouts and roundtables. If you would like to see the agenda for this year's meeting click the link below. 




Please let us know if you have any news from your chapter that you would like to share in the newsletter. If you have any photos of events or your initiation ceremony we would love to post them on the MKT Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and the website for others to enjoy.  


Mu Kappa Tau encourages and recognizes outstanding academic excellence in the field of Marketing by offering three scholarships this academic year.

  • $500 - G.M. Naidu Scholarship
  • $1500 -  Sponsored by Mu Kappa Tau
  • $1500 - Sponsored by the PSE National Educational Foundation. This scholarship is awarded to a member of Mu Kappa Tau that is also a member of Pi Sigma Epsilon.

The Mu Kappa Tau Scholarship Committee performs the scholarship application evaluations. These are merit-based scholarships and are awarded based on student's academic abilities, school and community service accomplishments and other activities.

All applications must be submitted online. Please see the website, for details, scholarship requirements, procedure and link to apply. 



This semester, the competitions are a photo and a quote competition.  Details can be found on our website, www.mukappatau.org/index.php/competitions  

The winner of each competition will be awarded $100.  The deadline for both competitions is Tuesday, March 31, 2015.


     Kathryn Tietz, a 2012 UNI graduate, became a member of Mu Kappa Tau the fall of 2010, winning the PSE/MKT Scholarship in 2011. 

     She relocated to Denver for a position at Starz Entertainment as a Research Analyst.  

     When asked which one of the six Mu Kappa Tau's "values" she believes is the most important for students to display or develop, Kathryn commented, "I believe Integrity is a core value one should work endlessly to develop. Integrity is a personal trait that can benefit all parts of life."

     Kathryn's advice for members still in school is to get involved in as many things as you can. She says, "Taking on a leadership role and actually being able to talk about an activity or project you were a part of is what recruiters want to hear about during interviews. Experience is key - you get out what you put in, I promise."

     Read Kathryn's full interview on the website, http://www.mukappatau.org/index.php/community/young-alumni-spotlight 

We are pleased to inform you that the MKT website upgrade is complete. The website has a new design, check it out! www.mukappatau.org 

Also check out the MKT Shop where you can order pride items for graduation.  We have lower prices on some items and lower shipping costs this year.


The 2015 Pi Sigma Epsilon National Sales and Marketing Convention will be held in Houston, Texas, April 13-19, 2015. Each spring for over 55 years, nearly 500 PSE members (collegiate, alumni, educator, professional, associate and corporate representatives) join together for five days of professional programming and special activities.


Mu Kappa Tau members are encouraged to attend the MKT Annual Business Meeting at the National Convention.  At the Annual Business Meeting, the Executive Board, members, educators and alumni will discuss issues associated with the current state and future of the honor society. For more information, please see the PSE website, www.pse.org, and click on the state of Texas logo!


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