Polly Hull, Gene & Carol Poole, Elma Thomas,
Alison Zieglmeier (daughter of Ken and Donna Scott),
Andrew Adair, Barbara Ledford, Tom Bryson, Erskine Harkey,
Carol Hager (sister of Betty Harkey), Carole Ann Simpson, R.D. Bond, Brad Sifford, Sara Page Lewis, Deacon Jones, Betty Curlin

Sympathy to Kim Diehl and Karen and Jimmy Williams in the death of Kim and Karen's mother and long-time St. John's member, Doris Diehl, on January 10, 2021. We also express sympathy to Bailey Williams in the death of her grandmother. Graveside arrangements are being planned for this week.

"Thank you to the St. John's members and the St. John's Care Committee for their thoughts and prayers in the death of my brother-in-law." -Steve Hoffman