Be the Peace You'd Like To See In the World
This year Volunteer Services honored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. virtually on the MLK Day of Service. Youth volunteers created collages and poems sharing the message of Dr. Martin Luther King and how his teachings correlate with some of the situations we face in the world today. Young volunteers had about a month to prepare an original artwork or poem. Artists and staff from the Department's Youth Arts team provided instruction, guidance and encouragement for the youth as they developed their artwork and poems. The presenters used a variety of materials to make collages that represent Dr. Martin Luther King’s message, and what he stood for. The materials used tissue paper, magazine and newspaper cutouts, string, yarn, paint and construction paper. As inspiration for their own writings, the young poets used some of MLK’s famous quotes including “Be the peace you’d like to see in the world,” “Hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that” and “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” Teens recited their poems with confidence and dignity spreading the message of the late Dr. King.
MLK Day of Service Presenters pictured above
It was a learning experience for the youth who were given the opportunity to dive deeper into the legacy of Dr. King, and the audience who learned something new as they watched the showcase. The participants also spoke on police brutality and the countless black lives taken away at the hands of police officers. This virtual showcase reminded us that we have come very far in our accomplishments but we still have so very far to go.
Collages by Zaria and Ian
Volunteer Highlight
Anotha’ Brotha’ Gone 
Florida, 2012  
A black man offers a white man candy 
The white man shoots  
Bang! Anotha’ brotha’ gone 
Baltimore, 2015 
A black man is detained by police 
He is held improperly and thrown in a van 
He dies at the hospital  
His heart stops’ brotha gone 
Minneapolis, 2020 
A black man is pulled out of his car 
He is detained and thrown on the ground  
He screams and cries for his mother in pain and agony 
As an officer places his bony knee on his neck 
He can no longer breathe as his finally heart stops 
Anotha brotha gone 
As a black teen writes this poem 
He thinks  
If an officer detains me 
Will I be shaking in fear and crying for my mother? 
Will he murder me for complying? 
Will I be reported on the news for millions of people to see? 
Will people say my name? 
I guess only time will tell if I’ll just be anotha brotha gone. 
Written by volunteer Kinnon
Collages by volunteer JonathanHenry
Student Service Learning
M-NCPPC gives Prince George’s County students the opportunity to complete a meaningful volunteer service within their community as well as gain a great learning experience. Student Service Learning allows students to take what they have learned in the classroom, then apply it in real word scenarios. These hours spent volunteering within our organization are documented, and go towards each students graduation requirements.

Youth should record their hours online. We can replace lost PGCPS Verification Forms and verify service if the hours are recorded online.
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